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River technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. 10 15. Let's get back to Dave Preston to make sure the capital's beat Pittsburgh 31 counter. Sherry opens up the scoring in the second period after the Penguins dominated early, he tells a TNT sports net. I think early on, obviously, we took a couple time release that let them put their top guys get get going and get a feel in the park and stuff like that. I think Midway through that period we kind of settled down and start to get back to our game. And then we continue that in the 2nd and 3rd were able to Score three straight there, and they weren't able to catch up to us. Jacob Rana and Lars Hell are also find the dead while V Tech Vantage check records 27 saves Men's college Basketball. Maryland BEACH, Nebraska 64 50 year and Wiggins tallies 21 points with 11 rebounds. The Terps finished the game on a 20 to 6 run over the final eight minutes. It was a couple different mismatches, you know? When we were uncertain screens that we get there, you know Ford's on our hearts and then with their little guards, you know, just being aggressive trying to get downhill. I'm not only make place ourselves to make plays for others because you get in the paint. You know every defense help. So it was just about, you know, trying to trying to br the person in front of us getting into the paint and make please Brothers Terps win. Despite a season high 17 turnovers, they'll host the Huskers again to borrow that. Australian Open tennis women's quarterfinal action serving up a shocker to Opted. Ashleigh Barty tumbles to number 25 Carolina Markova. The check taking the third set six to number 22 Jennifer Brady drops the first set to Jessica Pakula 64. Yes, she is the daughter of the owners of the Buffalo Bills. Brady does lead the second set. One love Dave pressed into beauty of sports. Just into the W T o p news room. They just completed a Joe Biden Town Hall on CNN wide ranging, but a lot of it focused on Cove it and the future of the nation. Hi. Literally prey. That I have the capacity. To do for the country. What you all deserve. Need be done. President Biden there he's predicting tonight that most elementary schools will be opened five days a week by the end of his 1st 100 days in office. But then he says, it'll be tougher for high schools to reopen at the same rate. Because of the risk of infection. We will keep you updated on all the news that's come out of the town hall. Get some analysis at 10 40 with Anita Kumar of political Stay with us here on.

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