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Speaker users just say play WGN radio on tune in the news is sponsored by town so financial here Steve resented based in good morning everyone it's sixty nine degrees in Chicago another night of severe weather leaves vehicle submerged under water and homes flooded mainly in the northern suburbs in Waukegan firefighters had to rescue residents trapped in their homes on the helm holes Avenue near Jackson street fire crews had to carry members of one family including a child and their parents to safety several vehicles became stranded due to high standing water on route forty one in Lake Forest the weather service is wide spread rainfall of one to three inches occurred since last evening over much of the area a localized swath of three to five inches and maybe even more cross of portions of bone in northwestern McEnery counties an eighty seven year old retired construction worker may lose his eyesight after someone shot him with a paintball gun WGN's Pam Jones reports Lee Ingram says he was on his way to a friend's house in Inglewood Monday at around three PM when he was attacked he parked his car outside a corner store near seventy fourth street in Racine Avenue when someone opened fire with paint pellets Parker developed world one on top running on the line no really no hours well I did not know about police believe it may have been a random incident they're looking at surveillance video from nearby cameras in the search for suspects Pam Jones WGN news man is accused of killing a mother who was shot while driving her four children last month in Dalton police say Abby on Fonthill has been charged with murder in the case and. thing Marcio Bollman the victim was shot and killed October a make that August twenty first.

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