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At first, but we have another chance to fix this. Yeah, they could get better on later on tonight, but the Red Sox fall to the Blue Jays 4 to 1 in the first game of today's doubleheader. The Socks had a chance to pounce on Toronto starter Robby Ray early on, but failed to score after loading the bases with no outs in the second. Alex Cora on the missed opportunity is a lot and I know how it's and we didn't put the word play and we don't score a chance to put him away and we did not And then that's a good A good picture. Yep, Simple as that game, too. Coming up at 7 10 NHL free agency getting underway this afternoon. The Bruins have been busy today, adding defenseman Derek for Bert and forwards Nick Folino, Eric Hall and Thomas No sick and now, reports say the bees have signed goalie Linus all mark to a four year deal that will pay him $5 million a year. The move puts two core asks future with the team in question. Rask undergoing off season surgery that will keep him out until at least the end of January and is currently Free agent Dan Watkins WBZ Boston's NewsRadio Dan. Thanks 5 43 time for traffic and weather together. Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes was by the steamship Authority like that ride south of town. Miserable bad delays on 1 28 South Nicole. It's a lot worse than usual here, southbound, awful Highland Avenue need him all the way into account in about 45 minutes to get through. It's what's left of a truck fire right at the start of 95 South. Occupying the breakdown lane. Now the expressway South sounds really done in here. It's stop and go from the tunnel. Most of the way to 95 in can't and that's well over an hour from the tunnel to that 95 interchange in Canton. Now, 93 North backs up shortly after 28 past Neponset Circle now crawling up towards the tunnel to 4 95 South delays down to, uh, well down, passed through 24 again through Middleborough with a crash Left lane crash down after route 28. Let's see how we're doing up north, at least on 93 with the WBC news radio traffic copter. Mike, you still have a lot of company, leaving the upper deck from the downtown area up towards route 16 in Medford of 93 north, and then you get quite a bit of running room until your op Ed Reed 62 in Wilmington. That's the next fly in the ointment. You're slow from there up toward ask of road and over. Kristen acting in the WBZ NewsRadio traffic delays on Route two West awful almost three miles of stop and go Harvard out through Devon's crash out after Jackson Road has got you down.

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