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To ninety one. That's the reason why okay. So the reviews critical reception. The film was get was received. Mainly negative reviews. The melvin held up twenty eight percents on tomatoes on about a three point. Five out of ten on average. Do you agree with all the most part yes. I don't think it's a good movie you told that. I i think this like we discussed the beginning. I think we recording poi- light is only little elements of golden. This the rest of its either doe or just like really by by the acting throughout is terrible and it's just yeah i think it's quite cheesy which alike now in general should get a bad review. Because it's not very good. Well let let's see what some of the critics said so it was is despite the the indestructible doth london with across style. Which will get to. The crossbow of the punisher is a boring woman over never ending action sequences right. That's one way. I think i can agree with that. Christopher no gave the film one out of five stating the film was marred by cheese. Full set special effects lame fight sequences and some of the worst acting. Ever to disgrace the scream. Wild has harsh. I would goes out the. I know i had pretty. I definitely seen worse acting. Yes so bad for an action movie. We'd how it can be called boring even though it's lights wall-to-wall action sequences. I think that crap though the actions the is really bad. So i mean we'll get to the mess week to the paul christ blink All things here's a thing Del some movies later wrong Late term late magazines. I've given it a second. Look because you know this this handsome distribution blaetz run in life like for example. It was finally premiered in the united states on on on the big screen in two thousand and eight. Wow i ever had a release in cinemas even if it was just a couple of conventions Properly right and like even again where it is even on that one and a few other ones in two thousand nine and two thousand ten dopey. London even made apparent so he was actually doing this. The theater sack it's around that time yet which explains his career But because of that's quite a few people started to evaluate movie and actually gave us appraise on frozen at. You is wall criticized. The film's storyline acting time out magazine actually concluded the film was destructive reprehensible but marvelously a tv guy. This is the most praising. I think i've seen Tv guides movie gave it three out of four stars. Wow pray sitting dolph lundgren's portrayal. The character and competitor is asians with the punishment to frank miller's reimagining batman mind. Okay what in the dark knight returns. Yes yeah i think. It's not good overheating. I know that feels wrong. Delight your dot is. That's really pushing the ball. Quite yet is no no it. It reaches outs giving they slip them some money. It's just like the look especially tv guys. We've got this movie in circulation. We have to keep playing on tv really praise. Yeah we need the ratings cab on. Say something odd. It's ridiculous that's real actually I mean he does have it does. It does have a great atmosphere. I will give it that in his phone in places so i would agree with those two points but the fact that he's competitive like the frank miller doc through batman just click now old. That's pretty much all the intense developments except one little thing in one thousand nine hundred sixty four page. Comic book adaptation off. The movie written by colts. Who was made later model was released by the so. There is now a a an actual is now officially the movies. Technically cannon a comic book full because it's an adaptation of it. That's following the actual frank castle and some of the backstory etc. They obviously changed it. But it's mostly the gangster stuff on the into play with With with and be the man in the middle current situation is interesting. Which which is the thing to me. I think like okay. The premise for the movie which will get to second. Yeah works kinda i'm This this fall mole like it. Needed to work actually quite got rewards. I'm into comic and probably dumped better so that we go Right you're fully kickoff. We're gonna find it go to bed or we're gonna go. I'm pretty much do the synopsis. If that it's it's actually any officers in this thing because that we got okay. There's a few of as actually on. I've debate some of the cheesiest bulls quite tempted to do the one. That's really over-elaborate A main md by the white so is whether whoever wrote this it okay. So i'm on the great voice for this because it sounds like Voice go with it so So he's cities wanted and most mysterious anti yes killed one hundred twenty five the last five years. He's the punisher or man weapon against crime in reality punisher frank castle and it's got whose family was murdered mobsters i strikes back from beyond the grave killing mobsters when wherever they can't find as a result of this the monks of families a weekend forcing gianni franco one of the leaders. One of the leaders of one of the basic terminated. Take control breakthrough as a plan to bring the families together is what anita unit. However this is attracted the attention of yakuza asia's most powerful crime syndicate who's decided to take over the families at all their interests in order to sway the mobsters. 'cause they kidnapped loved ones and that children now the punisher must fight to save the lives of the only the children of the people he fought against five years. Go at the same time fight alongside them to kill is family and everyone wants solid mess. Wow actually off my voice. Don't bit croaky. the. I don't know how much greg keep voice for bad so we've thing like this again. If you got rid of anything. Frank castle related. This is any generic vigilante movie. It almost feels a little bit like a death wish movie. Yeah or like cobra. If cobra wasn't a cop anymore this this was a sequel to cobra yet. Also as a cobra sequels facilitated. Say like i was kicked off the force of beach who hard core saddam do my own vigilante justice without the caps and says thanks for both sides that what we actually got up and we have by the way. We.

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