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Now, it's time for the news Chen joining me here in the studio is Nisha gain European bureau chief nature Nisha dropping by telling me for I today. We're gonna talk about HIV. And a treatment involving stem cells. Yes. This is a really exciting story. Researchers are reporting that fool the second time ever. They have cleared a person with HIV of the virus using stem cell transplant while under house that happened say, there's a particular circumstances that has allowed this person to be treated in this way. Not only did the Palsson have HIV, but they also had a time blood cancer and the treatment for that counselor required a bone marrow transplant now, it's interesting in this case is that rather than just choosing any old suitable during which by the way is pretty difficult to do it self. They found a Dana that has a natural resistance to HIV infection on about one percent of people of European descent have that natural resistant. So they transplanted some cells from a person with not resistant stage IV into the person who had HIV, and what's happened to the patient involved say six. Eighteen months after the transplant the patients stopped taking entry retroviral therapy, which is the standard treatment HIV unknown eighteen months off to stopping taking medication. There is still no sign of HIV in the patients blood the top there that this is the second time. This has happened. What happened to the first patient who went through this? Yeah. That's right. Say this stem cell technique was first used a decade ago four person cooled Timothy Ray Brown on he's known as the ballon patient. He was treated in a similar way. He also had a blood cancer bone marrow transplant. He also had a slightly more aggressive form of treatment. But now more he's still free of the bars..

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