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Kaos bike i wrote about it a year ago but it did it change this league and i'm not saying it's yes i think superpowers dynasties they are good for sports there's something about the warriors and how given it is just i mean every july like book my room at the oakland marriot the next june i mean it's it's just such a gimme that that you know you're you're you're losing part of leagues appeal right under sharp beautifully today that the nba's thriving and a lot of the reason it's thriving is sort of this everything that's kind of tin general to the actual alternate competition it's the instagram accounts twitter and you know these little back and forth the players have and the rumors and the transactions that's kind of what people love about the nba is the reality show the actual ultimate competition which is who's gonna win the thing is so secondary and you do wonder if they did have a great competition for that how many strides could that league of made in these last few years like the nfl's obviously going through it it's going through baseball you know how powerful could the nba have become without that caps by if they'd have been able to get the smoothing through and you and i look at it so much because i'm largely profile writer i look at it individually for all these players and durant has a couple of championships and that's that's great but like for steph curry i mean he's individually before that happened he was he was seen as like maybe the best player in the world and lebron it was right there was a real conversation people having and that team was very special and and lebron's obviously it was kind of rooted in cleveland at that point now he's moved and even strauss were really good story about this for you guys that you know reputational as far as individuals it's affected them all to it's affected durant and i don't know if it's i don't know how much it's affected everybody for the good as far as that team and just witnessing if you just if you just appreciate kind of demolition and i remember i grew up and i loved unlv right i loved watching those big monday games and unlv would just crush somebody like they would go into new mexico state or whatever and beat him by fifty and i used to kind of enjoy enjoy that so in the moment yeah it's it's a spectacle but look i was there in cleveland when they won and nobody can say that it was i mean when you're a part of like when you're there for championship celebrations and it's a truly at bic kinda compliment there's a feeling in that locker room there's a feeling in those hallways very much of a formality you know and there were even players who said wow it's pretty quiet pretty quiet back here you know their family members saying bigger in houston so it just doesn't you're losing a little bit of like the seismic weight of what a championship means when you have a team that you absolutely know essentially without a shadow of a doubt will win and i know houston they could've taken him out they had a chance but that margin for error the golden state operates with is i think is unusual even compared to the nineties bowls i don't know that they look i was just i wasn't as in this men but i don't feel like they were operating with his large margin for air you can correct me if i'm wrong jenkins is a senior writer for sports illustrated i know lee you are busy today so i appreciate you taking time i had to go through four of your agents three of your handlers to the guys travel with you and then you but you're able to do this that would be for more agents actually have.

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