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Daniel Mary listen to me right now. Look at me when I say this eight and pizzas my pleasure. Right. We know it is. So you must love boom, BAAs craft pizza and tap house. The, the east Nashville location. Bouma's has that giant playground. So your kids be out there playing you can have adult conversation. Also a Jumbotron, the centerpiece at the Bellevue location of boombox. No, I ain't got no kids Springhill Murphy's borough ace, Nashville and Bellevue and brunch every weekend from ten to two at Bombay's. Is. Here's the bubble bone show show. Nineteen. Shutdown. Body. Can. Same. The keys. The keys. Mac? Me. Scott. John. Two key. Shift. Same moan. Bobby bone show. Let's box love shark and I guess they're coming to town. Yeah. Who's coming Mark Cuban? They don't tell you who's coming. They.

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