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Why of Martin's don't want to coach you there's there's multiple reasons attendance was certainly one of them. How about not winning basketball games your style of play? That was another one. How about not getting out in the community as much as you should have connecting with the fans, the racial epithets remarked to me was was probably the last straw. I don't know if he would have been fired if he didn't say that I I would imagine probably, but you know, talking about what you just said JD about Leffler. Let's let's read some of those tweets, shall we? We'll let me back a little bit, Brian what you said about the racial epithets. I don't think that any do. I look it was wrong room say that didn't help. But when when it comes to the whole scope of things in regards to why he got bounced out, and I don't think that statement had anything to do with it. I heard through a couple sources. And again, I don't know if this is true or not that Friday morning. He went into Francois's office and asked for a two year extension. That's what I heard. I don't know if that's true or not, right? So. Obviously if that is true, she probably said, well, no not giving you extension. You gotta part ways. I don't know if that's true or not. But Andre Leffler is UNLV was UNLV's assistant coach they had several assistant coaches will one of them not very active on Twitter to say, the least he goes on Twitter on March sixteenth. And here's what he says guys. I want to get your reaction as he says the progress that was made was significant fifteen hardworking high character kids were sent a strong message yesterday, hashtag shut up and gerbil shaking. My head Marvin Menzies taught them that. They must earn it and believe me they were running and he goes on to say since I have the time. I'll address a couple more things. Someone used the word doormat not true nationally, this once proud program was becoming relevant again because of Marv I asked to legends. How many mountain was championship UNLV has ever won one said three the other said four first of all I don't even know where to begin with these comments because they're ignorant. First of all he also went on to say that the the the the program has been sent back five years completely. Not true. Don't know what he's talking about. When it comes to that this guy is he trying to commit career suicide. He's going back at it. With the fans he sang fans don't know what they're talking about basically and first of all about bringing the program back to relevancy. It's been quite the opposite in the last. Biggest problem with that? Tweet was shut up the dribble by far. Tell me why why why does that bother you more than anything else because? It kind of says. Lebron James was shut up and see that there's some racial absolutely think. I fact I know there are some racial connotations with that statement. Yeah. And it kind of ties kind of ties into what to Marvin Menzies had said with rich left. Yeah. I understand Zachary come from J D. But as far as the overall statements, Brian there's no evidence whatsoever to support most of what he said. Well, I mean as far as progress. Okay. They have not sniffed an NCAA tournament game. Okay. They have not been near a mountain west championship game in the tournament. They have not been near a mountain west regular season title top three in the mountain west, which is completely absurd. And they've got this program in this conference play. A good players was a five star guy juiston was highly ranked they had a very very athletic team last year. But the thing is Marvin Menzies over the course was careers three and thirty one against top one hundred teams how are you supposed to ever make tournament? If you cannot beat a top hundred team, you aren't. And he's a an ace recruiter either. He he's a he's a decent recruiter. He's an average below average probably game plan coach, and he cannot win big games. A coach that cannot win. Big games will not ever make DNC a tournament or win. The NCAA wins make with with new net stat. Yeah, he did it with Mexico state. But he certainly wasn't not able to do it here in New Mexico state in the whack is a completely different circumstance won the conference Radin, Mexico state. Right. But he couldn't win an NCAA tournament game. So right. And that's that's that's a valid point. Those are it look let me let me be clear with Marvin Menzies, and I'm just gonna unload here. And again, this is subjective. Okay. I it was hard for me to pull for somebody like that. And everyone wants to talk about how Marvis the great guy. Nice guy. And I get the coaching community the want to support each other Andor stand all that first of all he didn't really open up his practices to the media, which is a joke. That's not something. Dave rice dinner, Lon Kruger. Did they were very generous with the media very little access to practice. Why is that? I mean, there's nothing secret about your offense. I'm gonna tell you something, and I'm not gonna name the name, but an assistant coach in the mountain west conference. I had dinner with him a week ago. Okay. They're a good team in the mountain west conference, an assistant who I was with told me that they prepare for all these basketball teams. And he told me they played a team in the mountain west conference on the blackboard their head coach had about twenty-five offensive plays. Scouting report of the team that they were playing twenty five guests how many they had when they played UNLV this year. I guess for exactly right on the money. That's why he's a professional handicapper four plays for do. We understand how bad that is. Their offense was horrible. How easy repair for this is not my opinion. Okay. This is an assistant coach who played in the NBA who told me that this is the I mean, this is nonsense. The offense was a joke. It was a boring brand of basketball. He didn't connect with the fans the racial epithets comment was just the the nail in the coffin is far as I'm concerned. He was it was a hard guy to route. And let's be honest last year at the oxtail buffet that we had nobody knows what you're talking about. Okay. Routes one of the items that was the menu there. Which was outstanding. I want you to continue. But let me just explain explain it. Yeah. People don't know. People don't how you're talking about. When you say oxtail, so Marvin Menzies at the beginning of this year before the season started invited all the members of the media to his house, which I thought was very nice very pleasant. Very nice family. Very nice house. It was very nice of them to do that. And he served us some oxtail. So I just wanted to give a little bit. Okay. Now continue your story JD. Go ahead. Well after after that. That great brunch or lunch or dinner. Whatever it was he basically put all of us together in a circle, and he was looking myself, and Brian Chris going back and forth forgot to focusing on us, and he more or less told the media to inaccurately report on what happens this year and to promote UNLV basketball in the process. He kind of be based told us to to not be hard on him for the results or for the for for. In in anticipation of a team that is that is not a winning team this year. That's exactly how I felt when he spoke to us. Did you feel the same way? I did get that indication that that that was the direction is going, and you and you ask them we all asked the question before we actually had the event as to why? Because we've covered other coaches, right? Other teams in in other cities in other markets, and this is not something that's transpired ever before. I've never gone. Look, you'll be cool. You'll get a chance to roll over to Brian hills. Go to the head coach of the Orlando Magic around Jon Gruden when he was coach from Tampa Bay Buccaneers been good times. Right. Hey, guys. What about the team? Yeah. But that's not something that I've done, and I would add to this you guys. That's another reason why Marvin Menzies was let go because there is the perception that he was not as involved in the community as you should have been as the head coach of UNLV here. Look, we all understand not everybody's going to be like Lon Kruger. Okay. Who's been not not the head coach here know UNLV for close to six or seven years yet. He's still very involved from a community standpoint Marvin was never really that guy and especially in this sports environment now in Las Vegas, which is about to take place where you're gonna have the raiders in town. And of course, the Vegas Golden Knights. You have to be hyper involved. I think if you're the UNLV head coach so that's going to be a characteristic. I think that the organizations and the power that be powers-that-be there at UNLV are going to have to look at when bringing in the new head coach here with Ronnie, rebel and. We want to talk about the coaching search, and we'll get to that in the next segment of who you guys should think you should be the next question. I do have a little bit of information on who UNLV reached out to you today, and who they didn't reach out to. So I have some names to go over in the next segment as well if you'd like to be a part of the program, if you wanna talk a little hoops with us give me a call to five seven five three nine six. Give us a call seven hundred two to five seven five three nine six. We're talking a little UNLV hoops. Don't worry. We'll get to the Donald Trump news of the day. We always do that. But this is obviously a huge story Marvin Menzies was fired on Friday relieved of his duties, and we're given out a plenty of reasons why I think it was the right decision. And there are still people on the radio today that are saying that it was the wrong decision. And I'm telling you right now if they make a good higher they're going to have egg on their face. Once again, I'm telling you right now what they didn't do is. They didn't fire a coach mid season that was a disaster with Dave rise. But look, I I'm going to be honest. I'm not going to sit here and lie. I was never a Marvin Menzies guy not just because of how we started off our relationship. But the way he coached I don't, you know, I'm not going to sit here and say, he's a. Horrible basketball coach I've never said that he's the raw he was the wrong coach for this job right game. He can go to the or you could go to a lower conference, you know, some sort of mid major. And and I'm sure he could probably be successful. And I got information yesterday that he interviewed for the job at Cal poly. So that's you know, that that that they've had a lot of racial problems on that campus. There have been a lot of issues. So I don't know if that would be the right spot for him or not based on what's been going on there. But I know he interviewed look he'll he'll land a job somewhere. He just completely the wrong guy for the job here at UNLV stated that over and over and over again, you could say all you want. We had a good team coming back. We were ready to go. La flirted, say anything he wants on social media, Marvin Menzies just didn't get it done. He wasn't recruiting. I mean, what did he do? Really? Well here. Let me start their name me one thing that you think he did really well here at UNLV and his tenure in three years. He deflected blame off themselves on others. That's not. That's not a good thing though. No, I agree. That's not a good thing. For the best thing in my opinion. Did it was get Brandon McCoy to come here and also to get secure Houston here that those are the two things out. Do you think he got to come here legally defined later? I'm not willing to out on the air say that there's some shenanigans going on there. Because look there's every possibility there could be something like that. But that's not a if I don't have information regarding that, I don't want to kind of go down that road. I don't know if that happened or not. But again, I know a few people that I trust very much. So that said that he was I don't know if that's true or not I have no idea, but I find it very hard to believe that if there was something that went down along those lines JD that and this is an excuse for them say if if it happens with Marvin Menzies and UNLV it's happening a lot of places. So yeah, but yeah, I'm not going to convict him or you know, accused him of any wrongdoing. If we don't have the information, we don't know for sure if that happened what I do know is that he was very sensitive to the comments I made on the air three. Three and a half years ago and threatened legal action against me, I found that to be a little odd. I don't know. Look, I don't know if he's ever committed any recruiting violations. Don't know that for sure I just heard a few people that he allegedly did. I don't know all we know right now is he's not the coach at UNLV anymore. And I think that was the right decision. I think it was good decision..

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