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Seen it impressed by that. Rob i actually really was the only thing i can surmise from. That is still to your credit. I believe that this was all you've seen this in the lab show has been out for two years but i watched in the last two weeks because we you realize that we were going to be playing more golf together and you had to make sure that you were at least a little bit of homework which i appreciate that. It wasn't even that that sounds like something that's that move is called a bateman in showbiz. But what i did was Because since we've gotten to know each other and we had a little bit of contact before rob wrote a pilot that i thought was hilarious Many many years ago that was kind of came my way. At a certain point we there was a discussion about. Maybe i really wanted to get what happened. And maybe they ultimately didn't want me or something like that but passed passed. It was a soft pass. But here's the deal. I always thought it was really funny and it was. Oh and i thought it was. When i read that script. That's when i became a fan of yours. I'm can't wait for that question once. We started to get into each other and more recently than i did. Watch it not. Because i wanted to be but i also i was like i want to see what your deal is about that. Well look i. I appreciate it jason. Yes sorry jason with multiple. You did not stick with the show clearly me on the other hand if i were to start i know i would go down k hall of just lighter the google. Yeah i gotta eat up everything. He's and then. I then i'd get stuck in this in the philly in the sunny in philly and that would take fifteen years almost literally to watch his. I wouldn't be able to stop. I know what i'm dealing with you. So what i do is i keep myself in a safe. Little bubble of dodgers and msnbc. And i don. I know i know what you do. I don't come out for except for golf and to say hello to my lovely wife and children. that's it. Rob gino something. So you're shows on apple right. Mythic quest started is just starting names. Ian graham lebron's it's you dick and secondly which shows that you just google it and and got it wrong because the pronunciation is i n gag of the show. Yeah there's whole gang of the show. Here's the part you know what he he makes himself look. Even worse is that his own wife is a producer on a show. That's on apple. And he hasn't watched that. I watched the first five episodes and continue to get a lot of heat for not finish on that. There's a lot of content out there. Another guy that we play golf with his an ex baseball player named chase utley. And i can promise you that when when we play. Jason remembers every at bat that this fan over a twenty year period. I think he can. He can point to an at bat. That chase had in two thousand nine memorable fellow. Yeah hey rob you you mentioned in the email that you we ran a enter doctor's office once. How long ago was that and what would do well. The the reason. I know that you it was not memorable for you Because this was very early on in in sons run there was no chance he would have ever known who i was just introduced myself and said i was a big fan of yours. You knew that he didn't know you were because he tossed his keys before. Come back i recognize. I said in the waiting room. I said i recognize that. This is wholly inappropriate We were. This is full disclosure. I don't think you'll mind bring me a having me bring this up because i know you're very open with your medical history and whatnot but we're in we're in a I love talking about minimums. Here we go. i know you do. I saw you on jimmy kimmel. I'm a fan of yours. So and i know about your other podcasts. That you're talking about. Thank you dermatology. I it was no. It was an allergist. Oh yes dr isis dr isis. The name is dr isis is. He's he's the best allergist in the city of los angeles. And when i first moved to la. I had terrible allergies. And yeah and i am. Now i'm cured. What were your symptoms seasonal. So just be. It would be stuffy. Are you okay now with the stuffy nose and not island hypochondriac too right now okay all right i will say i will say i cured. I have been cured. I don't know if you continue to go to dr. Just but i do not have to go anymore now. Is this a kinda doctor where you lay on your back. And he puts like a bottle of some sort of like herb or something on your chest and he says. Raise your arm. I'm going to push down your arm and if your arm gives a lot of resistance that means you have a bad reaction to this type of herb guys. Been one of those. What noman nobody has. That guy was not a doctor and it was. It was that in a valley that was definitely somewhere in santa monica. I can almost promise way rob so you were this. I read a little bit about you. Having known you coming on and so you grew up catholic. I grew up. Catholic means one of us has to be gay. That's me and your mom is now okay. Lesbian she's out. I wanna talk about that. Because i think that's fascinating being a child growing up like did what was the. How old were you when she came out. Did you suspect when you were younger. That mom could lift heavier things than dad. Maybe and you now you can both off. Yes she does play golf which is based both her both both of my mother so they've been to. My mother left my father for her current partner. Who's been my other mother For the last thirty five years. I think they met wow already seven years ago. Yeah wow while they're they're still wonderfully happy and in fact even stranger of my father and his current wife are very great friends with them and they are on vacation together. Right now i love yes right now. They are in north carolina together. Run away and see i just. I'm now i'm just writing a pilot episode of a sitcom as i'm listening thinking boy this my two miles number my to dan can t walk us through the cold. Oh no so here. We go a slow fading. Now i did not know that rob yes. You don't ask any questions about me. Now i don did you. Did you hit an eight. I remember one time he said to you. He said He said is this down. Wind from here. Is this usually in trouble on. The left wants To you i remember that. No but i really do. I really want to know. Like what age did she come to you. And what was that like for you. Like oh and then. What was your experience like with your peers at school. Or did they know and all that. Kind of stuff yeah. No the interesting thing is that they never actually officially came out us. It was a it was a much different time. This is the phil south philadelphia in the early to mid nineteen eighty s and they had three kids and a very staunch irish catholic neighborhood right so it was a really difficult time for them but for us. I mean. Look any divorce Is going to be difficult on the kids. But i think it was a testament to both my father who was in his late twenty s at the time which is incredible and and both of my mothers who handled it with such dignity and grace and we never really felt any acrimony or animosity between them it was all like in support of us did recognize that mom had a roommate Which isn't weird at first. Because she's in her late twenties early thirties which of course at the time. When you're a kid. They seem like they're fifty. Right dies some family members that still call scott my roommate. Yes so mom. Yeah so mom. And mary Who's my mother. My mom's name is mary o. And this is going great roommates for for years years and years and years and nobody was really sitting down and having a conversation with us but as time went on it was becoming quite evident when we would ask at twelve thirteen years old. We recognize that your roommates but why do you sleep in the same bed for worm. Yeah for warmth is cold to save energy. it's not always sunny. South fellas called.

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