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Not i. I mean you probably think initially ten something like that so when I first started fighting everybody retired at thirty four like everyone declined. It was Iraq and broken by thirty four. Chris I think retired by three thirty four but now I feel great. I feel better now at my age than I did when I was twenty five so I mean I'm getting stronger. Genre better do it was the move to Las Vegas. That really extended your career. Had you not done that you maybe would have been done by now. Absolutely one hundred percent. It was the the physical therapy in America. My massage therapist Terry Wallace Conditioner Lorenzo got stronger Absolutely honest Aubrac Mr Pan and speaking of Japan I understand a very special guest is going to be in attendance for for those that followed your career for for so many years. We know that you spent a lot of time in Japan. That's where you really hone your craft and became famous but I understand a very special guest. Can you tell us about that. Are you referring to my trainer from Japan. Yes yes unless there's another special guest. How did I know I got a nose for these things? That's a good one. Oh Yeah you can you Kuni NEOCON is gonNA fly from Fan. My former trainer He's going to be in attendance. I'm really excited. He cornered me and coached me for like four years in Japan. Psalm excited to introduce him. I think my mind is gonNA explode when I introduced into minute minute trainers and is this the first time you see him since you're in the UFC eighty now. I've met up with him like every time I visit after dinner or lunch. Never okay. Has He ever been to one year. UFC fights. It's no. Wow why this one. I think you always wanted to come to us. Okay Fair enough. That's is Zeke in your corner or just actually just watching it as a fan. I'm giving tickets okay. Very very nice and by the way just curious because I did see you at the Pi Pin Friday. What does it connor there? And it's kind of interesting to see the fighters interacting with them. Has it been a bit of a different scene with his whole crew being there. You're you're in Vegas. He probably go there. A lot has been kind of different. Seeing Conor McGregor the Megastar they're just amongst all the fighters. What has it been like kind of? I think I heard around. The corner wants that. He was lifting weights I know our team Didn't use the years one acre filming him but I mean it's it's cool I I try not the I can go over some people but space didn't actually meet him okay. You didn't cross pass okay. Johnnie Walker's their bankroll for him. Really your big Johnny Carson. He is talking huge. Johnnie Walker my head up like pectoral the shoulder crazy. He is a large man yes on there as well. So how do you see this playing out on Saturday. How do you envision it so you never know anyone could win a fight at any given time? But I really hope showcase some of my striking the minute schools Competent on the ground. It goes to the ground there. I just hope I do a lot of stuff. Because that's my main. Motivation is to try and hugh spot for you Roxanne. It's it's a great spot for a veteran like you. I'm looking forward to the fight. Great fight between a veteran up and comer. Those are fun fights always so good luck to you on Saturday. Good luck this week with the way cutting hopefully she makes wait no drama this time and we see great fight on Saturday. Thanks as always for coming on and thank you for the The Fan that has that has joined me here at ESPN. I took it all the way from the old job to here. I wouldn't I wouldn't forget it. Yeah awesome thanks so much for having me on. Thanks to all the fans who support me absolutely. You'll see a good show all right right. There she is the one and only Roxanne monetary pound for pound one of the nicest people in the history of mixed martial arts so always great to have her on and that's a big fight fight. That's a big opportunity for her. You see to forty six has a nice blend of veterans and up and comers like Civic Yousef like I said of course horse macy Barbara guys like Pettus and Roxanne Montazeri Alexia Lennick. The Grasso. Cloudy Delphi is an interesting one as well. So there's something for everyone one but of course. UFC Two forty-six headlined by Donald cerrone vs Conor McGregor. The returning Conor McGregor. We've been talking about this fight all show long and so great to have a coach own Roddy on the program so great to have the perspectives of someone. who fought both of them like Eddie Alvarez so great to have a mind like dominick Cruz and so great to have connor on the show from from our sit down on Friday but it has been a tradition dating back to? I believe the Max Holloway fight in Boston. If memory serves me correct so two thousand thousand thirteen August of two thousand thirteen. We would always have John Cavanaugh before and often because they were winning the fights after the victories as well the Monday before the Monday they after but the tradition was broken prior to the last fight it was broken and well. We don't have to discuss what happened but you know what happened. And so now we get back on track we win and we learn and there he is back on track. The tradition is back. What did I say to you John when I asked you? Here's the big question. A couple of weeks said the question I want to know the answer to is. Is the tradition back on. What was your response? When asked you that question? Make mistakes. Don't repeat them. Yes there you go a great line so welcome record there as well L. Tree and tree. How do you feel about why did why did he have to rub it in? I'm sorry there's so much seriously corporate. What are you have to say really but great to have you on and by the way I don't know what kind of skype connection you guys have over the Internet connection but you and just absolutely flawless? Whoever you're signed up within Vegas tremendous stuff well done Cox? Okay yeah fine. How well perhaps we're about we're cooks? Yes okay okay yes all right. We'll leave it at that. So yes so much to discuss John. I remember talking to on the Saturday. After the Habib fight I remember. We were on Long Island for the Bell Tower. Show so much happened in that fight leading up to it the aftermath and you were very honest brutally honest about how it all went a couple couple months later. If I would have talked to you that the ban will be back together that you would be feeling like this that he would be feeling like this. That confidence would be like this. Would you believe me that it would all turn out like this and twenty twenty. I have to be honest and say no. I didn't think it would happen. Why not right after I talk about the great skype connection? That's what happens for God's sakes why did I say that I shouldn't have said anything. I'm sorry hey you don't. Ah I hope that was on the record. There you see you by putting up his record three three. It's actually not bad. I mean listen six H yeah. I'll take a three and three record. Are we going to reconnect them. My hunch is someone called them and sometimes that stalls it but we started off a little rocky as far as skype type but we ended really well and then I had to bring it up. Why did I bring it up? Can't believe I did it but that was a fascinating answer. We're about to get something and then it froze anyway. We'll reconnect with John. Great to have him on great to end the show with him. I'm very excited. Usually I go out to the fights on Thursday morning this one Tuesday because we're going to be doing aerial the bad guy from there and by the way I'm doing radio midnight eastern nine Pacific after the press conference on. ESPN RADIO SO WE'LL GET A. Oh my gosh. We're going to get to talk about the jinx myself on that one John. Yeah you don't talk about. A great connection is until the end. Gosh what a rookie mistakes I think after all these years and you're about to give us a tremendous answer so let's just go back to that moment because I felt like I totally ruined it. You said you didn't think so if I would ask. You all turned out like this this and then I asked why why. Why wouldn't you thought? So what.

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