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I think it was, or even take a race win. It was one of the two. I was like, I swear I put Jason O 'Hara in them. But instead, I went for one of my race winners as Glen Irwin. Instead, he just decided to stay on the podium. For the majority of the weekend, which was a shame. But for my podium, I was like, okay, it must have been Jason O 'Hara. Because what we decided before, I mean, I sort of, like, came up with it on the spot last week, if you didn't hear last week's show. We decided on, pick someone who's not been on the podium yet to go on the podium, or someone who's not normally on the podium. And then pick, I even forgot what the criteria was. Yeah, it was just a race winner, someone who is not normal on the podium. Or in the points. Yeah, and then it was points. There you go. So, go on, who did you choose? So, for my win, I put Glen Irwin. But instead, he just stayed on the podium all weekend. For my podium, now, I'm going to defend myself before I stay here. He had the pace to go on the podium. Go on, who was it? He was involved in quite a few incidents, and that was Andrew Irwin. He was in fourth at one point, in race two, and then he crashed. But, you know, in my heart. Points, I put Charlie Nesbitt, which ended up being quite a good pick. Finished in sixth in race two, I think it was. And, Lester, your picks were Kyle Wright, has taken one of your race wins. Which, you were correct, of course. Your podium, Danny Kent, that didn't happen. Did I say points on the podium? Your points were Storm Stacy. Right. Which was a yes. So, I got one right, and you got two right. Yay! There you go. And I did consider Ryan Vickers, but, yeah. Yeah, if you said Vickers, it would have been a full house. But it was really good. I think we discussed it on last week's show, that he basically, it's his time now. Because we weren't sure this time last week, whether he was going to even be at, you know, racing at Donington. Because he just recovered from his injury, or was recovering from his injury. Thankfully, he clearly did recover, and he's not only back to full form, but he's better than ever before. So, whatever he did, yeah, it worked. Yeah, it was great seeing him up at the front. It was great seeing him proving people wrong. Even like myself, to be honest, I didn't think, I thought that maybe there could have been better people to put on that OMG seat. But he was flying last weekend, and he was in the podium and fighting for a race win as well. So, so impressive to see from Ryan Vickers. And yeah, as we said last week, it's his time to shine. And if he can repeat what he did at Donington a couple more times this year, could we see him potentially even win a race? I think, yeah, it is his time. On that bike, in that package, I mean, it's not slow. I think they've got a lot of work to do to keep up with everyone else. But yeah, the pace is still there, and Ryan Vickers is as good as anybody on his day. So why not? Yeah, great. And also Kyle Ride as well. He was repeating what he was doing, what last year on that OMG bike, and repeating the success once again. So, OMG seemed to be the team that would probably come out this weekend to the happiest. Yeah, and they were quite happy all weekend. And with Kyle Ride, his local circuit, I think he's, yeah, yeah. So yeah, local home advantage, I think, from him.

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