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He's not an arrogant jerk because he's actually Lewis Hamilton you can hate him because he well, he's actually a great representative of formula one. I've never really heard him say anything. It makes me go. Oh, he's just full of himself. He's just a jerk, you know, people hate him cuz he wins but I want to point out Lewis Hamilton seems like a decent guy and it would be much worse to follow Formula One if Lewis Hamilton dominated, but he was also just an evil awful mean jerk. So I am grateful for Lewis Hamilton. I don't think he gets enough appreciation for that, you know part of him who he is and I just wanted to point that out. I don't hate Lewis Hamilton the same way a lot of other people do and he's a really really dead. Good racer, he gets you know, people put a lot of the credit onto the team and well, yeah Mercedes has a great car. It also is worth mentioning. Oh, yeah, by the way the guide off the car Lewis Hamilton. He's still pretty good. He's still a big reason why they're winning why they are successful and I just I don't hate Lewis Hamilton the same way other people do but again even even if you hate Lewis Hamilton just be Grateful Dead He's not an arrogant jerk that's constantly mouthing off about how great he is because that's all I have for today very short episode. My timer says 24 minutes. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you off. I'm going to dinner with my family, you know the owner of house. It's a couple of people we're not wearing masks but it's you know, these are all people that are quarantining themselves. Be safe. I love you guys. I miss you guys. What am I saying? don't miss you guys. talked today will be back tomorrow. Tomorrow's episode is all about formula one. And then Monday will do some more stuff guys. The TJ the TJ watt film analysis is coming. I started watching. Home for that project yesterday a lot of good stuff. I had guys. My name is Akshay Kumar. Thank you so very much. Have a great day. And in case you missed it, I apologize. If you listen to on you heard me talk about a patron question or like how do I change the question? You got a patreon.com forward slash give a dollar month more if you want. That's how get access to submit questions. I pick the best ones that I like. don't think everyone but do guarantee off every single question with my eyeballs. I pick my favourite to read on the show cuz that's all I have. Thank you so much. Have a great day. But I'm bum bam we are done..

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