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Who are shooting people junie total how much does that were you maria again those are people attending trump rally saying jim acosta you're gonna end up with people shooting people you need to tone it down a little bit to the reporter yeah it's incredibly worrisome and it has been incredibly worrisome since the first time that donald trump insulted the media and since he has been calling them the enemy of the state and since he's been calling them fake news and since he's been tweeting images of violence towards the media and look i'm glad that today he did not engage in all of that now somebody got to him and said please don't call today at least for today the media the enemy of the state and even said right now's not the time to talk about about it but i think that you should put a ticker on the screen on cnn to count the hours until the moment when he starts calling the press the enemy of the state again or calling them fake news again or insulting specific reporters again and i bet you it won't be very long all right as we wait we're working on steve audio here but i wanna play what he said about the people because my question about tonight is if there isn't if there's when they're good time to talk about it he is called the press the enemy of the people you have had a horrific incident mass shooting the worst day for journalists lives in this country since september two since nine eleven and if there isn't a better time to say i'm sorry for what i said or i didn't mean it i don't know what it would be because here's what he said so let me just play some of the things they said including when he said enemy of the people because i'm not paraphrasing it that's what he said here is right the enemy the enemy of the people like all you read the fake news it's fake and disgraceful those very dishonest people back there the fake news just hear these liars back they are the most this honest corrupt people they are the most is honest so maria is hit blame for the tone yes because i think the tone comes from the top having tone is all is what leadership is all about and this president has no idea had to be a leader and i think what is so troublesome is that many journalists in you know many of them erin and i don't know maybe you've gotten them to have gotten death threats have gotten threats of violence from people because they hear what president trump is saying about them and not only that aaron but the president of the united states the leader of the free world the leader of the greatest democracy in the world should not be acting this way he should be acting completely the opposite because you know who acts like this dictators despots people who actually put journalists in jail so steve cortez with us on the phone to mario issue so i just played the president saying the enemy of the people the enemy of the people i call them pointing to the press at the back of some of his rallies calling them dishonest people liars corrupt to stop this kind of language steve however wever i don't mind him taking on the press i think by the way it's important to have some historical context here presidents in the press have rarely gotten along even the founders of our republic thomas jefferson the people who instituted the idea of free press in the first amendment thomas jefferson said the only thing that's believable in the newspaper is the advertisements so there's a very long history jefferson to lincoln to fdr to the present day of very adversarial relationship and in some ways that's okay that's healthy in some ways for the republic what i will say about president trump though in particular i think if you look at this white house briefing room right now and i know most of these people when i talked.

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