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I think the explosiveness could also down. I i don't care that he's not playing in the preseason. That's typical for running backs like early and i'm happy that he worked in the joint practices but i don't see him delivering to the top five. If he's got a a knee that could cause problems at any point during the year though i'm i'm avoiding todd gurley draft day okay. How about heath and ben. Just tell me real quick when you'd feel comfortable taking early mid late second. I think there's enough guys in the second that i that i like more than i'm not taking him in second so i agree more with david okay dave adam feel intent wide receiver ever off the board twenty-seventh overall little bit earlier than that though on c._b._s. A._d._p.'s a second round pick adam. Feeling you have is a bus. When would you feel comfortable taking him. I wouldn't feel comfortable taking adam feeling until round three n._p._r. Which is pretty close to his a._d._p. But round for non p p. r. I don't think he's going to have nine games with over one hundred yards. I don't think he's gonna score nine touchdowns. We know that the vikings want to run the football a bit more and we know that the vikings want to diversify the passing game a little bit more gecko rudolph and irv smith just a little bit more involved evolved. They have also uncovered a slot receiver chad b._b. This isn't the main reason to to get away from adam theon but if phelan's not in the slot where he really made his money last year. It's it's going to take away from him. He had a better catch rate in the slot each of the last two years than he did on the outside rate numbers in the slot the last two years compared to the outside side. I i just think he's being overdrafted. I don't think he's got a shot at twelve hundred yards her even seven touchdowns okay and then finally vance mcdonald donald who tight end ten and fancy pros in terms of a._d._p. He's going at the end of round eight and you have vance mcdonald steelers tight end as a bust i he he has seventy yards in four games in his career. He's got five or more passes four times in his career. I understand that there are a lot of targets on the table in pittsburgh. I don't think he's gonna get enough of them to be awry. Liable fantasy starter week in and week out eve miller only got the job done as a reliable fantasy starter like three times in his entire career. I think james washington and dante mockery for going to pick up a lot more of the slack from antonio brown's departure then vance mcdonald mcdonald was the twelfth best tight end in non p._r. Tenth best and p._b._r. Last june nominee fantasy points he averaged. I'm just saying that wasn't that impressive. No four point nine and non p._r. Ape point three n._p._r. Right but that's what i'm saying davis like he he averaged four point nine fantasy points p._b._r. What was it and p._b._r. Eight point three eight hundred so i'm saying to be a top twelve tight end. You don't need to be that good so good. Yeah yeah yeah but you won't there won't be there won't be ten good tight ends. There just won't be that's why right to my top time. If miller didn't run a four seven senate to sixty seven like part of the reason to like vance mcdonald is he's a big dude. He can run real fast. He's never really had the the the opportunity unity share that we want like like dave mentioned but <hes> we you know we saw the playoffs two years ago yet. A sixteen target game in blew up. He's had his moments. If you wanna look for like a george biddle type <hes> for this year that a guy that just has really good efficiency yards after the catch. I think vance's your best bet but he is twenty eighty nine. He's a lot older than you think and dave point like if he hasn't done it to this point in his career and up seventy three games twelve touchdowns and he's missed twenty three games all right so let's get heats busts here he..

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