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Connection can we hear can we hear that made your dad jokes look real good girl yeah that phone cracking up because they're like I can't follow that with another person calling in Phil's call was so bad the other person when I have sex again I'm so the Phils jokes person has now removed his private so I have the I have scheduled a zoom happy hour thing I don't know this week or next week I'm one I I in it well it's work related comma okay I have to do it so I'm wondering if I should just sit here without a shirt on and kind of slather butter all thank you drinkin tequila right out of the bottle just take it way or I think that calling back on the sex hotline is this phone exists zoom happy hour you're referring to is this is this with the emperor Kenny yeah no no no it's with the the GL guys all god a god it because it and none of us are techies so this oughta be a disaster we have ours and we have a camera on select with another person here we go hello welcome to the Zacks hotline we'll call you her man her name have you had this Zacks good morning I'd better reflects we learned everybody yeah right right got your kids afterwards to get really press the well.

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