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That's what Ben Rothlisberger looks like. Oh boy seeing them on the sideline. Last night. I was like excuse. Excuse I didn't know Steve Said Ben Looks Great and I had been looking at the same television Steve and it was like. Where do you see? Bowl might go. He looks like Yukon. Cornelius Cornelius the only voice. I've learned I can actually do from Rudolph the red nosed reindeer it. I don't know I thought I had a Hermit I guess they don't owe army. I forgot got. That was his name. Sort of. Sounds like a neurotic he's like. Jack Nicklaus Jack Nicholson Jack. Nicholson he'd like Golfer. I just like Golfer. Jack Nicklaus let me tell you why aright football happened. Let's run through our teams because that's how we usually start at. The Patriots won but boy did it. Look for a second there like they weren't GonNa beat the bengals thirty four thirteen. like at one point. It was ten ten seven or was it thirteen ten. It was bad it was scary. It was terrifying. I was on an Amtrak. I didn't like it one bit. What was it just like? The defense wasn't playing. Well nobody wants to things. I mean our offense could be doing better. Julia was hurt but playing through it And I knew Oh. I shouldn't have started him on my fantasy team but I did. It doesn't matter you so one one. Yeah I'm going to the final. Okay thank you so much. The Patriots also clinched a playoff af birth for the eleventh straight year. Even though this year was like You know still scary. Doesn't feel great. I think it's weird because this is usually when like the patriots in December are usually when they're they're scary and this like they're still winning but they don't yeah. I know the Bengals have one win all season so it didn't feel nice also spy gate to. We're GONNA talk about that a little bit later. I have thoughts spy gate to spy harder to electric Google. You get to the spy. Who caught me Eh? Oh by eight to this time. It's personal eight to three. SPAG to the squeak. Will the Ravens had they do J. Other Evans one against you said it all excited. They read the Zabi Habeeb. The jets beat the jets. Forty two twenty. One and Lamar Jackson threw for five touchdowns three through and through for them through for five army. He threw five touchdowns extraordinary quarterback and he broke. Michael Vick's single season rushing record. They can't hear me. Roll my eyes on the podcast enroll. At a record. ECKERD was a thousand thirty nine yards set in two thousand six and Lamar currently has eleven hundred and three two games to go. It's a lot of yards. Is He gonNA play the last two games teams. So he'll play this week because they're going to if they win they When the AFC? I I feel like you should have sat this week already. Ready the jets won the division. They won the north. But they're going to get the O the AFC yeah. I feel like lamarche taken a break this this week against the jets. It just made sense to me like I get. He's going for vix record. replaying the jets. It doesn't have to play your backup. Rg three right fine It just didn't seem like he needed to risk it but they were saying he was a little bit banged up right so he was questionable. Yeah but he. The whole week was like I'm playing Fogo game so that what he said was that a direct. I'm playing in this football game because you want player. Who wants to play? But I still think smart move would have been just chill for a little bit. Maybe we this week. He'll chill. Maybe doubt Ashley Eagles Eagles Won. They beat Washington by a score of thirty seven twenty seven which makes it seem like more of a win than it actually really was. It wasn't a great. It was real ugly. They scored the go ahead touchdown with I don't know maybe like twenty seconds left in the fourth quarter. Um which when you're playing with not a whole lot of wide receivers that anyone has ever heard of It's actually pretty impressive. Yeah Carson Wentz. Through an incredible double touchdown pass two Mile Sanders which was trying to be really optimistic because they don't look good they could still win the NFC east but boys team bed because everyone on it is injured. We'll Josh mccown play wide receiver before the end of the season. Oh no he's the next. He's the next. The next in the dumpster isn't net nuts terrifying. I remember I was thinking back to when we did our like look ahead. NFL preview. And I'm like the Eagles are so deep about like well good because as we wouldn't be able to feel the team wise. It's not great it. was you know what it was a win. I know people like to yell at Carson Wins and say he's bad but like he's been clutched the last two weeks and I I stand. Well he's got you stand. I do don't you've said that he sucked before no. I've never said that he's had bad games. Yeah yeah he had a bad game particularly against the dolphins but I've never city sucks. I don't think he's very I think he is. I think he is zero zero weapons. What about in the playoffs? Though isn't playing in the playoffs exactly j what are you doing. Why don't you piped out Donald Dude over here exactly? I walk into that one. I got a lot of egos questions today. Like goodness you guys do control your own destiny though when it comes to the playoffs we gotTA complicated playoff picture. At the moment it's very strange So far eight teams are officially in the playoffs. The chiefs the packers Saint seahawks forty niners bills Patriots Ravens. Those those are all in the lock Then we've got an forty niners. Did you say for an interview she shared. It wouldn't forget the forty niners I then Then we've got what the eagles the cowboys. The rams the Vikings are all still fighting for it. Yes in the NFC in AFC. It's what Texans steelers titans colts. Brown's raiders actually still in the technically. You're crazy that's not so right now the AFC. Let's just do this the AFC the top six Baltimore New England Kansas City Houston Buffalo Pittsburgh back in the NFC Seattle Green Bay New Orleans Dallas San Francisco Minnesota so. La In philly are still still in Philly seven and seven Dallas Seven and seven. So that's the east and we play on Sunday. You play each other. Yeah yikes aches. Yeah the rams are eight and six. They're not going to be other going for the wildcard Hum and then they have see the. AFC is a mess so like if the rams bit win both of their two games the Vikings lose both of their two remaining in games. I think that's other ram skin. Yeah this is confusing. And I'm telling you the AFC's even more confusing because the AFC south only Jacksonville is eliminated. Houston Tennessee and you're like net India's six and seven but they could be seven seven after tonight after tonight that's right. They're playing Monday night. Football if they lose tonight to the saints their done out if they win their somehow still alive. I don't I don't know this week is going to be really intense football week. Sixteen because even the teams that are eliminated have like big. NFL draft implication. That's right so yeah we what is it. The last week sixteen they said right is that this week. I was confused because sixteen two weeks but obviously by week so week sixteen has huge implications for the draft the current draft order. If it was happening tomorrow is bengals. Giants Dolphins Washington. An and this weekend. The bengals swayed with dolphins and the giants are playing Washington. Yeah so easily. It's the borough the blow it for borough walpole hated because boys he buried good. What are you trying trying to do? alliteration thing to worry about it and chase youngest the other good player on the draft board. But they don't know if he's going to enter ooh. TMZ got a video of him saying he's he's GonNa stay in college and then he was like well hold on. I was caught off guard. I don't know if I'm GonNa declare let's just wait and see chase young. I do college football now. Like you know that. And that's your college football on my new favorite. Stay quiet and see what actually does it's fascinating. I just stayed quiet that whole time and she kept going. Oh Yeah and she had this look on her face like help help nope no. I just wanted to be silent. That was my favorite. Thank you for doing that. I didn't listen to a word. You said pleasure so yeah it was really smart. We're GONNA shake things up with the draft order. I mean the bengals almost bungled it by beating the Patriot. What are you trying to do out here lose skies? Just keep losing. Who Do we think wins Bengals at Dolphins? I think the dolphins they're playing they're trying are they. I mean the against the pats in the first half at least well yeah they also wanted and to disprove or whatever you know whatever. They had a point to prove a chip on their shoulder. I just WanNa say I guess we should also pick giants oriented Washington. Who Wins that? I think the giants. Yeah Yeah you is out here doing it. I don't think he's playing again though man. Yeah they're gonNa let you finish right so Washington seventeen seventeen so bad a the I just WanNa say shadow to the Detroit who had a terrible season and I really don't think they got a lot of heat for that. I was looking at the standings. And I'm like wait to trey was three ten and we'll yeah they're so bad but everybody talked about. The giants is being trashed Washington. Arizona caught a lot of heat and they were four nine and one. I know when you read those hot lists like who's on the hot seat and Matt Patricia. Name is like very rarely on in their Patricia. On a hot seat is sweating a lot. You don't WanNa hear sweaty hairy man. I Dunno whatever whatever what how does he how does he. How does the record? I can't speak. How is their record that baton? Nobody's like should Matt Patricia Getting Detroit. Nobody wants to heat up his is but I don't want that but getting hot well. Cincinnati one and thirteen Miami Three and eleven that they have as many wins as the dolphins who've been accused of cheating Taking a million times this season and nobody's like lions are trash and also they're not bad enough to be in the top four pick. Well there's still time. Lose out and things Patricia. There's still time get out there and suck the really bad speaking of being really bad why I saw a stat that I found very interesting. The Cleveland browns because they lost. They're six and eight..