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Absolutely he's a hall of famer he's great but i think that this is the drew brees were going to see is you know a managed the game be smart be accurate set up a great run game that those are my argue i understand some of that but i think that if we were ranking in based off of last year's performance you'd get it right but we're we're projecting towards next year and the way i look at it as i think drew brees had arguably his greatest nfl season ever last year broke the accuracy record in the nfl and you know what he did it on the league leading yards per attempt number you talk about managed the game drew brees he wasn't he was the most yards per he's never done that in his career and yet is yards per attempt were that high i don't view them as a defense first team i looked at them as a balanced team and i simply think that the touchdown number is going to swing back to the mean which is all you need from drew brees next year to get what you want and fantasy now the value is i thought maybe that season that you're describing the painful branding of sadness that he did last year i thought that would driving down the draft board so i don't think i'm going to have him 'cause he's still going in that fifth fringe is going ahead of cam newton so i don't think i'm going to have drew brees i do think that you know what you said in the beginning no decrease in skill set every ability to lead that offense and arguably the best nfl season i've ever seen him half in from two thousand fourteen to two thousand sixteen the new orleans saints rushing touchdown passing touchdown ratio was two to one in favor of passing touchdowns and all the sudden last year it swings to a one to one ratio where they're equal in passing touchdowns and equal in rushing touchdowns i just i don't think drew brees is done he threw for over forty three hundred yards that's not a game manager that's a guy who's winning the games and just did it happen to have the touchdown luck has touched on rate went from.

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