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Or listening to the AP digital news network north and South Korea are planning a groundbreaking ceremony this year to connect their railways and roads the rivals of agreed on several other plans to bring the two nations together and reduce border tensions. They're also talking about sending combined teams to the twenty twenty summer Olympics and making a push Toco host the twenty thirty two summer games. And the two countries will hold Red Cross talks North Korea's diamond mountain resort in November to set up video conference meetings between ageing relatives separated by the nineteen fifty to nineteen fifty three Korean war and potentially expand face to face reunions between them South Korea's unification minister says it's meaningful that the Korea's are getting faster and reaching agreements as their diplomacy gains traction. The bluegrass music hall of fame and museum opens this week in Kentucky, a new fifteen million dollar building in downtown Owensboro. And we'll celebrate with three days of music Thursday through Saturday hall of papers on the Bill to reform include Bobby Osborne, Doyle Lawson, Larry sparks, Rodney, Dillard, and Paul Williams. The event does required invitation in the Sam Bush shou is already sold out. But no worries if you didn't get an invite or a ticket a free concert is set for Saturday on the outdoor stage that Bill includes high fidelity front country town mountain and yonder mountain string band. Chinese Premier Li Ka-Shing has pledged to open up his country. To Dutch businesses is the way of promoting commerce between the trading partners, Lisa's. He expects contracts worth ten billion US dollars or eight point six billion euros to be signed between Dutch and Chinese companies during his visit to the Netherlands. He says Beijing did a deal this year to allow a German company to establish a petrochemical plant in a coastal province of southeast China and pledged China will remove for an equity restrictions to Dutch companies as well. The missing writer. I'm Ed Donahue with an AP news minute, the United Nations, High Commissioner for human rights want Saudi Arabia and Turkey to reveal everything they know about the disappearance and possible killing of Saudi writer, Jamal kashogi. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo is in Saudi Arabia meeting with king Salman president. Trump was asked about the trip last night. And we're working with Saudi Arabia with Turkey, and they are working together to figure out what happened. They wanna know what happened also. So a lot of people are working on Turkish forensic. Investigators searched the Saudi consulate in Istanbul worker show he disappeared about two weeks ago. Five people were found dead in a home south of Nashville for youth young children and one adult female share a Bucky rolling says there were no previous reports of any violence at that home. There were reports in Tennessee. This may have been a murder suicide. I'm Ed Donahue. AP digital news back in a moment. The two..

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