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Um, So if you do a fictitious name is a lot simpler, an easier But, um, if you do a fictitious name, you only have to renew those every five years. But then if you forget to renew it, then you lose it. So we help people with that to a lot of times like they just forget that they have to do that every five years so we could get it back for you. But it's easier kind of just calendar and remember it, um Also when you get a fictitious name, you've got an advertisement in the newspaper, which is super weird, But you do. Um There's legal reasons for that happen. Nobody cares. Um, you have to advertise it. I have it back. You actually do, because I mean, the whole idea between fictitious name is is like basically, um, so somebody could find you, if you wrong them that they have advertised advertising, like kind of put them out in the world because, like, say, you own a trucking company or something, And then you keep changing the name of it. You get in an accident that you change the name and then nobody can find you again like that's why you have to have a fictitious name just to keep people from just opening up all these names and then they can't Somebody can't find you. If you do something wrong, which again? You're like, who would do that? But, um, it happens a lot with crime tractors. I've had like pool companies do it. It tends to happen a lot with contractors. They will open a fictitious name and then just kind of like change. Switch the business to another business. Um, it's I mean, it's to try to save the consumer, which did you think about it like that? It makes a whole lot of sense. But that's why you advertise it. Kind of like to make a paper trail to help show who owns each name so that somebody could come find you. If they have to got it got it That does that. That does make sense because you can kind of just play a shell game there where you just change the name over and over again, and then people will eventually Give up. So if if you have to renew this now, you said, if you're if you're renewing for your business, it's once every year for a fictitious name is once every five years. Is this something where it's just on you to remember it? Do you get some sort of a warning or a reminder? Kind of what I need to renew my tat like if if the city didn't didn't send me a letter saying, Hey, it's time to renew your tags. I never would. I would be getting tickets left and right. You know, nobody reminds you ever. So that's why so many people forget, um, when we had When we offer our business clients something we keep a huge spreadsheet and then, like we hound you every month until it gets done. Um And then, if you know, we still I mean, we're always here, But like I said, you are lying to get on a spreadsheet, but otherwise, no, there's no remembrance, especially with the fictitious name. It's kind of it's pretty easy to lose track of something After five years of year, three or four. You're not even thinking about it. So yeah, it's on you to remember. Wow, I would forget immediately. I would I would that would not work out. Well, for me. She is Jennifer angler from the Orlando Law Group. You have a question for Jennifer. Any legal questions? You can, of course, give us a quality 4458093 to 6. That's 844. 58093268445809326 right here on laying down the law is presented by the Orlando Law Group. Jennifer, I guess if if you're beginning this process you said what? Give yourself about a month in terms of renewing your, is it? Is it a business licenses? Evidence renewing your business license. Well, we'll talk about business licenses to that's a good point with a lot of people forget that that this is basically establishing your entity like going to sun bids and making a business. This is just like kind of getting the name basically and saying who owns that? Got it. Okay. Yeah. So you're okay. Got that? So? Yeah, you You said about a month or so right that people should take in order to do it. Yeah, I like it because it's just so much slower now and, um so, yes. You need to go get a bank account because yes, That's the kind of thing like would be good to get a business bank account. They want to see that you're on SUNBIZ. So it didn't used to be a big deal. And now it is, But yeah, there's somebody who you're going to get a customer tomorrow. You're going to buy property in a week like you're pretty much too late now. Almost, unfortunately, But we've got a way to do it. It used to be real quick. Um, but, yeah, If you're planning on a business, you should be planning about a month ahead. If you're going to need a bank account, or that made official name for any reason, but bank accounts, usually the biggest one. Okay. Okay. That definitely makes sense. As she is Jennifer angler with the Orlando Law Group. You have a question for Jennifer. You can. Of course, get that question to us at 84458093 to 6. That's 844. 580932684458093 to 6. You are listening to laying down the law presented by the.

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