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This talk radio I mean people are trending in the news we're going to talk about president trump's rebuttal to his acquittal but first corona virus and the sky rocketing numbers the Chinese doctor also who was the whistle blower who was reprimanded by the Chinese police after warning of this he called a potential sars like disease back in December that doctor has now died of the corona virus he was just thirty four years old an ophthalmologist at Wuhan central hospital he was arrested January first after attempting to share information on the corona virus meanwhile China has agreed to allow US health experts into the country as part of the World Health Organization effort to help that fast spreading disease twenty eight thousand cases now in China they say death toll reported to be almost six hundred some are calling those numbers very low though and say China is under reporting it is home sweet home for NASA astronaut Christine hot she spent nearly eleven months in orbit on the longest space flight by a woman ever she landed safely in Kazakhstan Thursday along with two of her international space station crew mates spaceflight became a three hundred twenty eight day mission with five thousand two hundred forty eight or bits of earth that is a journey of a hundred thirty nine million miles roughly the equivalent of two hundred ninety one trips to the moon and back think of that the returned officially completes the longest single space mission by a woman astronaut during that time she also participated in the first all women's space walk hours after his acquittal president spoke at the national prayer breakfast as is the tradition he made headlines for holding up the headlines the news of his acquittal isn't it then handed head into a gathering of what he called his good friends to thank them for their support in the whole impeachment inquiry thank.

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