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Is doing to help Americans still in Afghanistan right now? 10 33. The Subaru retailers have New England all wheel drop traffic on the threes from Kevin Brennan. All right, Laurie, coming up Fruit three North found you're gonna get your slowdowns here in Kingston Approaching the ongoing work zone hereafter. Route three A in Kingston. More brake lights after Route 14 in ducks berry and then starting to fill in quite heavily here from route 53 Hand over on up past Derby Street 24 north Beyond a couple taps of the brakes after 1 39 in Stodden and 95 north beyond still little slow approaching that 93 95 split in Canton. Expressway northbound Still little busy for granted. Have up through Columbia Road southbound on the brakes at Columbia Road Down through Savin Hill. You clear that gas tank you back up to speed looking pretty good down to the Braintree split. Downtown Boston. Just a little slow on that lever down ramp here next to the site converging around the garden curve. Lower deck. Second bridge itself. Okay, heading into the O Neill Tunnel. The river roads and airport tunnels are all on time. This report sponsored by CVS, Come in to CVS and get a free flu shot Plus, Get a $5 off $20 shopping pass. CVS America's choice for vaccinations. No cause flu shots with most insurance restrictions apply. Visit CVS dot com for details. Kevin Brennan WBC's traffic on the threes. Time to visit the beach. Maybe you do have a half day. Maybe you can make it a half day. Today is the day to do it just absolutely gorgeous out there not to human, Sunny and nice high near 80 was a pretty sunrise. It'll be even.

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