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To recover from Hurricane Adalia. Although thousands of Florida power customers still remain without it this weekend after Hurricane Adalia hit the states, Big Bend and northern regions, Governor Ron DeSantis reports good progress in the restoration of electricity and notes bigger problems. Some people lost their entire home. Some of the homes just washed away. They were right there on the water. Others had four or five feet of water in them. It's kind of great. They're not livable right now. That update about a day after President Biden took a first hand look. Tom Fody, CBS News. Ukraine's president plans to parliament ask to replace its defense minister this week amid allegations of corruption. Alexei Resnikoff got the job back in 2021, just three months before Russia's invasion. About 100 Maids have taken over a prison now in Minnesota. WCCO TV's Marielle Mose has details. The Department The of Corrections says that two of its officers are trapped inside the unit's secure control areas right now but are safe. It said the guards that are in communication with the rest of the prison and that no one has been reported injured have not been heard so far. South Dakota Senator Mike Brown says he's been in touch with Mitch McConnell about his health after the minority The leader froze up again last week. He said he's got to watch his hydration levels. Dr. Monahan, who is who is also my physician there at the Senate. He's sharp. He says it exactly the way that it is. And if he says that Mitch is ready to go, then Mitch is ready to go. Round on CNN's State of the Union this morning, McConnell did suffer a similar incident last month. Wasting away and Key Margarita West is honoring Jimmy Buffett now with a huge procession down Duvall Wall Street. Parrott heads encouraged to wear tropical attire and leis. Buffett, of course, died on Friday following a four a year battle with skin cancer. He was 76. This is CBS News. When you think of hiring, think of Indeed. Their end to end hiring system helps you attract, interview and Air hire candidates all in the same place. Visit indeed .com slash credit. its 503 at WTOP. Hello there Sunday, September 3rd, 93 degrees down to the seventies. Good evening to you, I'm Ralph Fox. Thanks for being with us. The top local stories we're following for you. There have been record low homeless stats in the DMV thanks to previous covid protections,

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