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Hoped hope to me was just that he would get to come home I had no idea how hard it would be want to cut back I wish you'd stop drinking so much she thinks it's helping but it's not I hope she sees that soon I'd like I don't care if he comes to my games but I hope it does I used to hold find happiness again now I hope hi Max Max Graham how can I help he thinks it's too late it's not with everything that he's going through I hope he sees a counselor I just want my brother they hope to get stop hoping things would get better on their own he told me to stop asking I didn't then one day he asked for a ride hope is knowing their other families just like yours but the veterans they love got help and recovered go to make the connection dot net and turned hope into action so how are things family good yeah bernama Hey we missed you at the game last week everything around I have I am a family man right in their support to that's you fellows you acting is one thing talking about suicide in real life is another in the military you take challenges head on and now it's your turn to do the same.

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