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You and i were both here and and you said it and again you qualify find your statement but but what you said when you said it was a little bit mcnamara ask because he was hurt he was he was hurt but he he played and contained within himself and the coaches did a great job of of of dialing things up this week in working this week with what he could do that to me you could feel the confidence that he gave this foot ball team just by being out there and then when he started performing you could feel it you could since it and and i thought you were spot on with that it was very impressive to me the tennessee titans play the cleveland browns this sunday were visting with dave mcguinness titans radio game day analyst and coach mac good defensively wesley would yard we talk about him every week but he makes another big play last night he recovers of fumble he just seemingly makes things happen all over the field is this guy headed for the pro bowl you know what i know where he is hated right now he's headed for a very very focused season but you can see that during training camp and again i made you know how partial i am the linebackers any way that's how i cut my teeth in this league steven tell it was in the booth with us last night what a great thing i saw david thornton after the game i got a real saw spot in my heart for linebackers i sought wesley woodyard out about two weeks ago to just tell him how impressed i was with his game and with the way he approached it and i and i am so so in but this guy has been a professional since he came into the league a main out you know i don't know how many times he's been voted captain by the teams that he's been on and the season that he's having this year but it it just to me it embodies what this football team is about a professional attitude get the job done don't worry about the personal accolades all of those will come when the team is successful avery williamson comes through with a forced fumble that sets up a titan score jay on brown plays a lotta snaps has two big past breakup eric walledin plays at outside lied backer for the.

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