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I'm laura. Bus station that keeps all Michigan. Talking. News talk seven sixty WJR Detroit. An update on the terrorist attack in France. I'm dick Haefner. WJR news. The murderous rampage. In Strasbourg, France reported last night was an Islamic terrorist attack. Three were killed a dozen wounded in two shootings at the Christmas market in Strasbourg. France reporter, Melissa bell in Strasbourg told Paul W Smith been much speculation about this man's particular motives took all this rampage through one of France's most famous and oldest Christmas markets one by the way, pull it had already been the subject of terrorist threats over the years. The Paris prosecutor have just confirmed that he was hurt by several witnesses shouting, Allahu Akbar, as he carried out that rampage, which has left three people dead twelve injured including seven who remained this morning in a critical condition. Reporter bell says the gunman twenty nine year old Sharif Takata had a long criminal record and was radicalized in prison. Police had gone to Jakarta parkland to arrest him for another crime. Before the shooting the Christmas market in Strasbourg has been going on since the fifteen hundreds and attracts visitors from all over the world earthquakes, rocked eastern, Tennessee this morning to shaking was felt in other parts of the Southland. Correspondent Scott Carr. Says federal officials say the quake hit about seven miles from the Georgia border reports say the four point four magnitude quake could be felt as far away as downtown Atlanta a secondary quake with a magnitude three point three was reported in the same area less than fifteen minutes later. There were no reports of any injuries or damage a seventeen year old from Detroit shot and killed last night in Roseville around twelve mile road and well worth police are looking for the killer. A forty six year old Sterling Heights man is accused of shooting a transgender woman from Detroit because of her gender status. Police say the transgender status of this woman played a role in her killing police found the body of thirty six year old Kelly stow on east mcnichols street and brush on December seventh she had been shot. Albert weathers was arraigned on open murder and use of a firearm in a commission of a felony. His bond was set at one million dollars. Marie osborne. WJR news federal officials say that this man was the leader of one of the nation's largest health insurance fraud schemes will be in Detroit court today. Trying to get freed on bond Seventy-seven-year-old doctor from Bloomfield hills, raw Hendra Baath, raw and five others joined forces and cheating, Medicare, Medicaid and Blue Cross in a multi million dollar scheme that was in operation for several years. According to the federal authorities a man convicted of sexually abusing a spirit airlines passenger as she was asleep on a plane will be sentenced up to life in prison today in court, the British Prime Minister Theresa may will face a no confidence vote in her leadership. Correspondent Nic Robertson is on hand as parliament is talking about it right now he said all along that.

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