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Against the new virus the intensive care units of our local hospitals WTOP's Dimitri so test spoke with the mother support the nurse manager of the I. C. U. at Adventist healthcare shady Grove Medical Center he says there I see you is not full but it's pretty busy and they added beds in March to handle a surge of covert nineteen patients support usually works ten to twelve hour shifts does he have the resources he needs to properly do the job we have what we need right now I don't think it is good conditions to work with modestly you've I'm sure you've heard about PPQ just not of the nation about the world that we we could always use more of more PPVs will be valuable but currently we do have PPD we do have the quality to hardcore band to work but I think we had more how can that be better but I think that's the right now and we have what we need to work on conditions so some of the stories we've heard out of New York the reusing of masks and gear you're not at that point where you are we are giving one mask per shift today are we using math and you know for the entire day and then they discard that after that that's not terrible but it's it's not as great as you wanted to be correct I wanted to ask if you're preparing for many tough weeks ahead are we having a surge coming or or from your perspective are we actually at the top of the hill and perhaps starting to decrease a little bit so you know we haven't started repair since early March and I think one of the best things we did a started preparing early even before way before the search was coming and we were trying to look at our capacity will conduct our staffing we're talk about PP so we started doing this very early on when it comes to the surge aspect of it I am hoping we are at our head can say that with confidence helping our county and counties around us are suffering more when it comes to the state of Maryland putting that into perspective I think we are towards the top we're definitely not going towards the bottom of the hill I'll tell you that we're at the top or getting to the top what can we do to help you medical professionals a little more than we have been you know acting social distancing is going to be very valuable and that is the key you know preventive disease preventing the spread of the virus communal wearing a mask at all times making sure where we're washing our hands you know as as a nurse I've been saying this for years obviously I promote that I promote that small family members and they listen and they don't look at some times but I think you know just making sure that people are just a biting with the normal hygiene and keeping the solution to through traffic there at I feel like that would help us tremendously is this a time where you feel most shall we say valuable no no school no books no well education prepares you for what were going to right now it's a definitely a learning aspect of as learning as we go and preparing for what's coming popping not knowing the unknown is definitely challenging but trying to get the right stakeholders trying to get the right resources and doing the best we can with what we have is definitely the value of it I did not imagine marathon life at all the different something I do remotely close to that or seeing our society where it's at right now but this is a crisis I want more doing the best we can to get through it no not comport the nurse manager of the intensive care unit at shady Grove Medical Center it's one forty four president trump is named the new ambassador to Ukraine it's Keith Dayton the senior U. 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