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Seventy five thank you for my logic construction on Gandhi and you're coming off the bridge of making the trip down memory also working on the someone in the eastbound direction from Gandhi through to willow five major Springer news radio WFLA. the humidity is that a bit of a comeback so definitely felt a little hotter today this evening I'll be warm to upper eighties under partly cloudy skies stray shower not impossible but not formal seventy four degrees to start the day on Friday plenty of sun fast warm up ninety four a high very dry air a lot so the rain chances really are less than ten percent for Saturday a high of ninety one degrees low of seventy four continued partly cloudy a ten percent rain chance for Sunday high of eighty nine degrees same for Monday southeast winds five to ten knots for the voter sees wanted to a like choppy waters I'm eternally chief meteorologist Steve German news radio WFLA now streaming on your Amazon echo and over two thousand devices via the I heart radio at. maintaining your lawn right way this false starts with lows because Lowe's has the grass seed and fertilizer perfect for your growing area and the know how to help you do it right and a great savings of the fifteen dollars off select Scott's grassy in say five dollars and twelve and a half pound bag of Scotts turf builder winterguard fall launch now fourteen ninety seven for all your for projects do it right for less start with low valid for ten to selection and availability vary by location was only. the special operations from Preston Mary J. Blige. Justin Timberlake in Shawn Mendes shaman. the Backstreet. the performance is priceless backstage moment still miss the radio music festivals greatest moments. Sunday night at eight am on CW forty four Tampa Bay. Morgan Morgan dial pound five to nine on your cell phone all that's all.

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