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53 Business news, Here's financial editor Len Walter. Ladies and gentlemen, the technically NASDAQ leading Wall Street's made indexes higher this morning again. We have that optimism about an agreement in Washington over more fiscal stimulus. Nothing really happening there. But many people believe it will happen if not before the election shortly thereafter right now. The Dallas of 222 points in 28,808 2 points off its high NASDAQ up nearly 200 points as well. That's a gain of 1.7% and the S and P of 40 points at 35 17. Apple. Providing a boost of the three main stock index is with a 3.8% gain ahead of its special events scheduled for tomorrow, which most analysts believe will be used to unveil the new iPhone with Five g capabilities. The Trump Administration yesterday called on Congress to Paul to pass a stripped down Corona virus relief pill as talks on a broader package ran into quite a bit of resistance, growing expectations of a Democratic victory in next month's presidential election, as well as bets of fresh federal aid, Absent Wall Street's main indexes to one my pies With the presidential debate officially canceled for October. 15th President Trump plans to travel to key battleground states this week as his doctor declared he was no longer a transmission risk for the novel Corona virus. The beginning results from some of the big banks this week among them J. P. Morgan and Chase Chase stock is up. 1.6% J. P. Morgan up seven tense right now the DEL Up 214, Lynn, Walter NewsRadio,.

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