Wayne County, Donna Wilson, Russia discussed on Sean Hannity


The patriot in Wayne County we got an accident one for the two left lanes right now hi to seven five northbound approaching bow road stop and go traffic reaching back from the M. four T. forecast for the rest of the afternoon a high of twenty five do they like snow showers tonight some sunshine tomorrow with a high of thirty five right now it's twenty three degrees the number of high school students enrolled in early middle college programs in the state is up one hundred one percent over the past four years the Michigan department of education says that coincides with the one hundred twelve percent increase in the number of those programs available during the same time providing students with the opportunity to take college courses in even Ernie degree while still in high school really middle college combines high school and college for students junior and senior years of high school and add a fifth year after which they have both their diploma and as high as an associate's degree transferable college credits Detroit police believe the belongings of the eight and ten year old girls who found their mother and two others that are tainted with Fenton all the family is not being allowed back in the home as a result the girl's mother Donna Wilson along with Russia on the th annual and Marcel Redmond died from suspected overdose is well the third man was revived by police the girl's father has started a fund right racer the help in getting a place to rent with four rooms now that he has custody of the children this report sponsored by Clint Eastwood's Richard Jewell on December.

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