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They're actually selling one. I don't know why you have somebody hasn't bought. I don't either. So both Steve Bryner. At excel automotive for details there at thirty third south thirty east. I I'm gonna hold my breath until somebody goes and buys that car thirty third sound could you could you award the Boehner I okay. Okay. Okay. So we had Boehner candidate number one. It's me. Me. I didn't buy the book this governor Northam just resign you handled this terribly. It is I I I believe the governor north is probably a pretty good guy and has renounced his racist ways. He has just handled this horribly Boehner candidate number two. Hey, the Republicans wouldn't get away with that said Donald Trump junior. Really how about Steve king six term congressman or ten term congressman from Iowa. And he he's made racist comments all the time. Nobody's up made him resign and Boehner candidate number three which was decided instead of going out to strippers. I'd start a strip club in my house. Buster did. Jared wanna Boehner t-shirt way to go Jared and the winner Boehner candidate number troop to that genius. Donald Trump junior. Next to it is now qualified to be Boehner of the day. It'll go up against round one that winter at boulder fight nine twenty s when Boehner of the day, we'll be decided by you. Sponsored gene cabin fever. Your go-to. Shop for laughter kitschy memories, creative fund merchandise, located in the heart.

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