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Five hundred your CBS's Nikki Batiste Ryan Newman's wife called it the best site ever as the NASCAR driver walked out of a Florida hospital holding his daughter's hand is only forty eight hours ago the eighteen time Cup winner was leaving the Daytona five hundred one is we need to contact which sent his number six clashing into the wall and into the water before being struck on the driver side by Corey luxurious car and bursting into flames family sports group principal owner John Henry issues a statement on Roush Fenway is Ryan Newman saying they're thankful for the wonderful news about Bryant's progress and they look forward to seeing Ryan and his family at the track again soon coming up we'll check traffic whether together Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three easy traffic time is four forty three will start to off downtown where work crews have cleared on both sides in ninety three as well as the pike on airport totals Callahan is still close Ted Williams tunnel is your detour the Ted Williams and some are fine and south of the city expressway north and southbound you're moving freely route three route twenty four ninety five are in good shape same story nor the town will you run into no trouble on one twenty eight ninety three or route one west this city the pike route two hundred nine are moving well this report sponsored by Peter please never leave your dog outside on a chain or in a pen dogs are social pack animals they need love companionship and exercise so make them part of the family let them live inside with you for more information visit P. that dot org twenty seven degrees with clear skies deeper as WBZ traffic on the threes here's the four day WBZ accu weather forecasts with clearing occurring early on this Thursday morning to be cold and there will be less wind below twenty four in Boston but in the teens.

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