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The first one I'm gonna ask you about. This is a this is the one I always start with because it's the one that's the most integral to this particular conversation. But why is Chung Li scary because it's not just about size is Ray Jackson is bigger than Chongli. The sumo guy is bigger than Trombley. There's something else there. Kevin. Why is he intimidate Wisey scary? We're still it's kind of what you said a lot of these karate movies. It's not the huge hole type guys, and he is a huge as you said has the chest of seventy television. So there's that part of it. But he's also has four lines, and he's just a physical actor. And I think that the fact that he's able to have what four or five different ways to just attack. A guy's neck literally won the fight on four different neck things. One was a choke ones the back of the net kit. So he just had a variety of moves. He's the man of a thousand holds it's it's a pretty good bit to have could do. Anything could punch hold whatever. He was the alternate. Final boss. You know in. Every fight movie or boxing movie, where there's the staredown, and there's the look, and you gotta look into guys is in term of how tough is he's got the craziest fucking is. Like, these does crazy is the entire. He doesn't say many words as I speak for him. He's terrified he is. There's something to me. There's something very primal about Chongli as a as a character something very instinctual because you don't have to like, you don't have to be smart to understand Chongli. Like, you just grow up understanding what an ass weapon is. And that's what the bully. And that's what he's that's what he does. Right. But he's, but it's more than just add because he's not just a guy who's going to beat you up. Like, he's a guy who might kill you just to kill you. Right. Underlying thing. And all of this is there are clearly no weight classes in the attack. Right. And so he is sort of a visual representation of the guy fell if someone when you're ten years old, and there's like a bully in school, and he is kicked that kids. That's but then there's the kid with like. The mustache. Yeah. And he can you know that you just cannot mess with him or else. You're gonna get destroyed is the kid with the mustache that guy. Yeah. Because that's all they did was was fight. That's all that we know him for. I didn't when I will certainly when I watched it the first time I had never seen this guy before I went a time without seeing him. Again. I didn't see him again until he was in double impact with with John Claude van Damme. But there are just no moments during the movie where we see him do anything other than either a get ready to fight beef fight or see celebrate a fight. Like, that's all that. We see him. Do. There's no backstory. There's no like context that can humanize them. That's all there is there. Only two lines. Okay. We talked about the lines. That Chung Lee has somebody talks to him only two times in the whole movie. That's it. They're only two things that somebody says the first thing anybody says it's in the first few seconds of the movie is trainer. Strategize. Tomorrow. We leave for the Kumon. That's it. And then the next thing that we see somebody say to them is when. Ray Jackson after he smashes the guy's nose in runs over, and I'm gonna kill you, man. Yeah. Like, that's the only the only thing anybody says all he does exist to fight. And I understand that..

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