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Is Bloomberg radio Now a global news update The house could soon be voting on the bipartisan infrastructure bill Democrats started debating the rule for the social spending bill Friday night and then we'll hold a vote on the rule once debate is finished A final vote on infrastructure is expected to happen once that's over The White House says President Biden is ready to sign the infrastructure Bill once it's passed A North Dakota senator is speaking after recently visiting the southern border Republican Kevin Cramer had a nighttime ride along tour with a border patrol agent aboard a patrol agents are very frustrated They're frustrated with the Biden administration's policies They're frustrated that they did away with the remain in Mexico policy Republicans have hammered the Biden administration over its approach to immigration since it took office Job creation came roaring back in October as the U.S. economy added 531,000 new jobs along with half a million new jobs The unemployment rate fell to 4.6% last month down from 4.8% in September The Labor Department reports job growth was widespread with gains in leisure and hospitality professional and business services manufacturing in transportation and warehousing A Chinese intelligence agent is now facing U.S. federal prison after his historic arrest and trial Jack crumbly has more Jian Shu was a senior officer with China's ministry of state security He was accused of trying to steal trade secrets from top aviation companies including GE and in 2018 federal agents were able to get him to travel to Belgium where he thought he'd be meeting with a GE engineer but he was arrested and he became the first Chinese intelligence agent ever to be extradited to America The U.S. attorney of the southern district of Ohio on Friday tweeting yeon Jian Shu has been convicted by a federal jury in Cincinnati There's another delay for the SpaceX crew three launch officials in Florida say weather conditions have forced another postponement NASA is also planning for the return of crew two with the earliest return trip from the space station on Sunday or Monday I'm Brian shook A candidate in the Texas governor's race is speaking out after a heated exchange over face masks charity mccurdy has the details Republican candidate for governor Allen west is responded to questions about an altercation where he pulled a mask off a person that he says yelled at him at DFW airport You need to respect me as an individual and do not verbally a cost me or assault me and call me out of names And first of all you need to know that I have the right to make the decisions about my body He says the man called him an idiot for not wearing a mask as required by federal regulation inside airports west says and his words you flick the man's mask off and mock the man for wearing one West was hospitalized with COVID last month I'm charity mccurdy Swedish activist Greta Thunberg is calling the international climate summit in Scotland of failure The young climate activist says the gathering morphed into little more than a public relations event world leaders including President Biden spoke at this summit designed to get countries around the world to address climate change Dwayne Johnson says he will no longer use real guns on set following the death of cinematographer Helena Hutchins on the set of rust Michael castner reports a Hollywood star told variety he couldn't speak for anyone else but any projects moving forward with his production company 7 bucks production We'll be using rubber guns Yeah it's he will enforce this with any studio as company works with as well Johnson isn't the only one in Hollywood calling for changes to firearms on set The ABC show The Rookie is also banned all gunfire on set in a petition to ban functional firearms on productions has already been signed by dozens of cinematographers Actor and producer Alec Baldwin fatally shot Hutchins while rehearsing his scene with what he was told was an unloaded gun I'm Michael kosner Rare colored diamonds and royal jewels smuggled out of Russia amid the 1917 revolution are going up for auction next week The star of the Sotheby's auction next Wednesday is an orange pink diamond set in a ring that weighs over 25 carats I'm Brian shook And I'm Charlie pellet At Bloomberg world headquarters all major equity benchmarks climb to records today with the S&P 500 posting its 5th consecutive weekly rally after solid jobs data and encouraging results from Pfizer's COVID-19 pill study Pfizer up to day by 10.9% and with more on the jobs report here's Bloomberg's vinegar dice The economy added more than a half million jobs last month and the unemployment rate dropped to 4.6% the lowest in almost two years Further evidence the U.S. is moving past the pandemic October's job gain is the largest since July Bloomberg economics calls the data solid and significant If any Donald Judy Bloomberg radio reaction to the jobs report from SD dweck chief investment officer at Flo bank We are seeing improvements vaccination is helping people are getting back to work And altogether I'd say if anything this was in line with expectations a bit stronger but exactly what you would have wanted to see Flow banks SD duck and Bloomberg radio and television spoke with labor secretary Marty Walsh The president laid out a plan in January for an economic recovery since that time 5.6 million people have gone back to the workforce This month's report there's a lot of positives in it because it's a diversified group of businesses that have seen increases in their job market in manufacturing and business related issues in a whole bunch of different sectors in healthcare It's not just in hospitality Labor secretary Marty Walsh Apple has hired Tesla's autopilot software director for its car effort Records on Wall Street the S&P up 17 points today 5 winning weeks in a row up today by four tenths of 1% The Dow up 203 up 6 tenths NASDAQ up 31 up by two tenths of 1% Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries I'm Charlie pellet This is Bloomberg.

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