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You're not gonna really feel it if it's a broken nose like ROY McDonald hat where if he gets touched, and you can't you can't see everything you see sparks than. Yeah. Would have been issue for him. But, you know, vote on fights the way he's not gonna turn grappler. Because nose hurting the love that he fought whether's nose was broken not fought the exact same ways gonna fight. So, you know. Shout out to Smith, man. Forget it done. What else you definitely all the Daniel Jacobs versus Sergi Daravudh Vicent fight was weekend too. Yeah. Danny jacobs. Got it done top fuck in fight. You know, some people scored it for surgery. Down. Danny Jacobs is not a fucking easy fight for anybody meant. But now what's interesting here is Jacob's got it done and. He didn't go these e route he fought when the when the toughest unknown guys in the world got done split decision. So, you know, there's the talks of what triple g now Kanalelo, maybe Charl brother, but Danny Jacobs isn't the sexy fight because he's a fucking nightmare. And you know, so I don't know what they're gonna do with them. Does. He does he say what he wants next. Why not triple, gee, what about triple D, Danny Jacobs fight? But if you're triple g like fuck that barely got through it each that's a tough one. Some people thought Jacobs one. What's going on with triple g? So his promoter. They're asking. What's next for sure? But gee, now, and is promoted this is what boxing scene dot com, and they're asking what Jurmala Challah and shall and Showtime be next come on. And they said no why they're looking at ESPN or does own here. Here's where this comes from. Here's where this comes from. Would does own announcing that they gave canal three hundred sixty five million dollars. Now, everyone's going, whoa. We want that money. So of course, they're going. No, we're not talking Showtime. We're not talking to you know, ESPN what we wanna do is. If that's how much is worth. We're right there to man. So we want to talk to them because the new kid in town with fat pockets, though, the new kid at school with with candy in their pockets, and we all want a piece of that candy. That's what's happened with these fighters. So here's the prom. You only have so much candy and your goddamn pocket. No matter what your platform is. There's only so much candy that makes sense. So if you're given three zero six five million dollars to canal oh for eleven fights. How much is anti Joshua awards for design. Argued bigger name how Michigan pay him? So let's say you pay Anthony. Josh what's that your overall go? You gotta pay Anthony. Joshua jury three hundred sixty five million the whole for canal, you can pay anti Joshua prior around the same if not more. And then what you're gonna you're. You're not for triple g the same as well. What happens in five years? What happens in three years is that a model that has longevity like affliction number affliction paid like crazy. You've seen this happen before. So I don't know again sixteen thousand people watch anti Joshua's last flight on design easy now. In England AUSSIE. Millions watched it but on the actual app dissolve on only six thousand so. Is that a good do if I'm a fighter? Do I want to jump into that kind of business model? Probably not probably not now if I'm canal, I'm like, dude, three and six five million dollars. Just fucking do it eleven fights. I can think of eleven fuck and guys I could fight. We'll figure it out. If you're Cannella make sense, there's your there's your cash style. Your your your fucking. Ryder dyke type of fighter has a huge fan base. That makes sense. But after that, it gets dicey man, how much money are you gonna fork out before you just upside down? We'll see g get your fucking ass Showtime. What are you doing? Although also trilogy am I going to pay him that much?.

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