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Come to new orleans in the fact that we plan all our social meetings so if you wanna have fun with a friend and you're like okay. Let me get my agenda. Can you the Like this day on this hour and we into you better be on high. You know maybe ten minutes late if you're really good friends but And then you call each other. And and that's that's like and i know people who have their calendars like marked for three months in offense and like announced it my my absolute psych. I can't go farther. So people always are really irritated with me. Let me. I let me be clear because you explain to me the difference between the with holland which i'm forty years old. I learned that today. Is everybody dutcher you dutch so you're telling pantry it's just too profe- indicates it's like you got to admit that from the outside we hear it's holland we here. It's the netherlands. And then somehow you're called dutch like what what these are very different things from america. I don't know where where in germany like a dark thing with me. Just like we call our country nader loans and Ourselves data launders. So we have the same thing. So i think that has something to do with some etymology in english. And that's not fair. You're telling me you're telling me that the way dutch ad works is that people people get frustrated with you because you can only plan one full month in advance. That's duchy d. Yeah maybe like it's also just forgetting everyone's names and nothing able to keep my rooms clean and that's thing kid because american. Add is like. Oh there's a kid in school and he can't sit in a chair for more than four minutes without standing up and flipping over the eighth happy. I know i'm making jokes. I'm making jokes. It's it's okay. So the reason why i get a bit like finicky about that is because It does make her quite a large difference. I'm you're right i apologize. I just made a joke about something. That's not really a joke. Just when you said you wanted fit no but when you said you played a month in advance. It made me giggle. I made a dumb joke. You're right i described. Adhd which is a different thing and that. I'm sure creates stigma. With and i probably would have lost if it wasn't on the show in a way because i don't know because a lot of people don't know the difference strew and so yeah it's and And i like fa body. Iran me who has add got in their twenties and Because of that they often got some chroma. Brady problems like some sometimes depression or bipolar or something like that and it. It sucks a sex said. Oh there's no a better understanding of i'm with you and my doctor has been telling me for years that i have a lot of textbook signals of of having. Add in that she believes it's at the root of a lot of my depression. So i'm i'm with you and i'm sorry for my dumb joke. We got a minute one minute left and now i feel one minute left and now i'm sitting here guilty and bad and that's on me a feel guilty nice. No that's my joke back. What was it. Would you say. No nothing i can go in this back. We recorded it. Oh yeah you know. Just listen to back. I don't want to repeat it time. You know we've got thirty seconds after. Say a lovely conversation. Thanks for thanks for letting me know both sort of personally and culturally where you are at. Yeah sure i'm glad we talked. And thank you for making able to coke. I hope i didn't say too much barazenka thank you. I think you handled yourself greatly. I'm the only one who made a clunky joke. That hurt anybody's feelings. He sorry about that as we talked about it. Yeah okay good caller. Thanks so much. I will live in guilt forever based on forty second. Stretch the end of that phone call. Thank you for calling so sincerely thank you need. A as jared o'connell thank you to. Shell thank you jordan. Allen chris dot com if you know more about me if you listen on any platform apple pandora series. Whatever you're listening on. They have some version of subscribed favourite. Follow hit that on really helps when you do. You want to hear our whole back catalogue without ads. Go to stitcher. Premium dot com slash stories. Thanks for listening.

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