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From the Matthews Brothers Studios. 844 542 42 that is the toll free. Number of the Howie Carr Show, sort of read this briefly. Glenn Greenwald is the guy who founded the intercept and he said he's very left wing, but he supports free speech and the he was forced out of the intercept by his own. His own editors that he had hired. They basically got rid of him, and he's been very much down on on all this big big tech censorship by out in Silicon Valley, and he wrote some, he's got a new one. He's got a new site. Now. I think it's called sub Stack, and he's he wrote something today about how the New York Times is pushing for more. Censorship online. Believe it or not, The New York Times. Supposedly the the Old Gray lady, the the should be the primary advocate in the United States of Freedom of speech and the First Amendment they wanted. They want to shut down. The scent. In Tuesday's New York Times three of those these sin shirts and Sorious tech reporters censoring tech reporters published an article on Facebook's postelection deliberations over how to alter its algorithms to prevent the spread of what they deem misinformation. There's an Orwellian phrase regarding the election. The most consequential change they implemented, New York Times explained, was one in which hyperpartisan pages were repressed in favor of promoting a spike in visibility for big mainstream publishers like CNN. Listen These are the these air. The mainstream publishers that air not hyperpartisan, CNN, The New York Times in NPR. Those aren't hyperpartisan. That's that's a lie. That's a falsehood to have written that Change the paper of record heralded is having fostered a calmer, less divisive Facebook. And an employee meeting the week after the election, Facebook workers asked whether the nicer newsfeed nicer new speed means no Republicans know conservatives. No deplorables. None of us Whether the nicer news feed could stay said to people who attended. This is in The New York Times, and this is back the grim green Glenn Greenwald, the conceit that outlets like The New York Times, CNN and NPR are alternatives to hyper partisan pages is one that you would be eager to believe, or at least want to induce others to believe if you were tech reporter at The New York Times, furious and hurt that millions upon millions of people would rather hear other voices than your own and simply do. Not trust what you tell them. The problem with this claim is that it's a complete nutter fraud. There are few sites more partisan than NPR, CNN and The New York Times, which the Times promoted, applauded Facebook for promoting These news outlets by design or pro Democrat party organs, who speak overwhelmingly to Democrat readers and viewers. Over the last four years, these same hyperpartisan outlets devoted themselves to the ultimate deranged, mangled conspiracy theory that the Kremlin had infiltrated the U. S. And was clandestinely controlling the levers of American power through some combination of sexual and financial blackmail. The endless pursuit of that twisted It. Conspiracy led them to produce one article after the next that spread utter falsehoods, embraced reckless journalism and fostered humiliating the bottles. The only thing more absurd than these hyper partisan reckless outlets posturing is alternatives. The hyper partisanship is them, insisting they're the only safeguards against misinformation. Thank you, Glenn. Greenwald. Let's text that Let's Let's tweet that one out. Taylor demanding Silicon Valley suppressed hyperpartisan sites in favor of mainstream news. The New York Times is a fraud. Let's text that one out it Z. It's a little bit on the lot lengthy side, but it's worth reading. Especially if you've had it up to here with their posturing. Is this interested observers? Millie? You're next with Howie Carr? Go ahead, Mellie. Hi, Howie. Thanks for taking my call. I have a question. Um How long would it take us to turn things around? If we committed to be in poll watchers if we voted out Rhino incumbents We voted responsibly talk to family and friends. How long do you think we could? Actually, it would take for us to turn it around from take a long time for the government. Would take a long time. Millie and you know the thing is somebody was suggesting earlier today that they Russia's fill in host today said Maybe we need in America First party instead of the Republican Party. It's you know, if you don't want to split up the parties because you're splitting up the ante deep state anti totalitarian vote and poll watchers I mean it Zwah thing to watch the pole to be a poll watcher while the vote is actually going on, But a lot of this stuff that's been going on has been stuff that's not not at the Precinct of the ballot box. Like the ballot harvesting that was talked about earlier. Or these are the spikes with 570,000 votes coming in for Biden and 3200 for Trump. I mean, we're gonna have to do more than just watch the watch the polling places. You know, I don't I don't know the answer to the question, Billy. I mean, we got to do something, though. I mean, you heard the You heard the guy from Red State Scott the household telling us about how the Republicans with the ballot harvesting in California this year that and they got they got back four of those seats that were stolen from him in 2018 by the Democrats ballot harvesting. So it's we're gonna have to a ZAY told him fight fire with fire. You know, I don't mean you know, rampant ballot fraud, but we gotta put it into the ballot fraud and we gotta do we We've got to do the legal things no matter how questionable that they're doing as well or we're gonna just or we're gonna lose the country. I mean, it's it's a simple is that Thanks for the call. Millie. Dave, you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead, Dave. Hey, So, thanks to Bill Bar and John Durham for making sure that their investigation they were running wasn't perceived as political. What do you want me to say, Dave? I mean it. We're all disappointed, aren't we? Do you think that they used the same horse's head that John Roberts found in his bed for four billion and John I don't know what happened. I'm wondering, you know where, you know if there's any Eddie, Uh, potential, uh, timing to this pardon of Michael Flynn. You know, we had a gag order on him from that corrupt federal court Judge Emmet Sullivan. He said he couldn't talk about anything. But Michael Flynn was in the Obama administration. He was pretty pretty far up in the intelligence ranks. I wonder if he knows Some things that he's now going to be able to talk about. I'm trying to. I'm trying to put a shine on a sneaker here for you, Dave. I sure as hell hope So. Have a have a great Thanksgiving, Howie. Same to you, Dave. Happy Thanksgiving. Sachin. You're next with Howie Carr Go ahead session. Up. Holy love.

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