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Ian that came when helen was eighty four years old after a lifetime of chievements but before she could get there we have to go back to the previous century to where it all began in alabama in eighteen eighty helen keller was born on june twentyseventh eighteen eighty into cumbias alabama it was the post civil war south the keller family lived on a homestead called ivy green helen's father arthur keller was called the captain because he had been a captain in the confederate army his mother helen's grandmother was the second cousin of robert e lee arthur was the editor of the local paper the north alabamian and a gentleman farmer he was also very much a man of the time and of the south like many southern landholding and former slaveholding whites he had lost much of the family wealth between eighteen sixty and eighteen eighty but he's still considered himself part of the deserving upperclass elite this meant keeping up the lifestyle as much as possible this also meant that he had black servants working for him both emancipated slaves and their descendants and although he was always cordial with them he did not treat them as equals helen's mother kate also had strong ties to the confederacy her father charles adams though originally from massachusetts fought for the south and the civil war he rose to the rank of brigadier general kate adams was as southern belle pampered and protected by her father she was a tall statuesque blonde with blue eyes and a smooth complexion kate was arthur keller's second wife and he was twenty years older than her he had two children james and william from his first marriage his first wife died in eighteen seventy seven when she was thirty eight a little over a year later in july eighteen seventy eight he married kate at the time arthur was forty two and kate was twenty one the marriage was hard for kate because her husband was struggling to make ends meet.

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