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That's not going well. Yeah, Igor was just so impressed that he was not only blocked and he was pancake it of every single time. I'm like, Well, they're best line men's They're running back. So I I appreciate Frank. But Roger Craig is a special player so I would give it a shot here. High knees. Judy asked you this. How much? How much to you? Is this What you saw with your eyes in what you experienced in your football, brain and heart versus stats, because you know, baseball Italy. What? I saw only what I see what you think I was going to throw you some numbers and didn't know. But, yeah, you're going with Yu. Go out, but okay, you're looking at rushing yards Frank course, far ahead. Sure, Look, is also looking at receiving here. Look at scrimmage charge is close. Frank, still so tense so well. First of all, one guy played 10 years. One guy played eight with a nine or so there's Frank had a couple extra years. But if you want to go by yards per carry for Was 4.5 Roger was 4.2 receiving Frank cut, Actually, Roger caught 508 balls in eight years. Frank cut 500 apartment 342 balls in 10 years so significantly less 2800 receiving yards for Roger. I mean for Frank 4400 for Roger. So it is a quick math Greg Roger in eight years, 1140. For 11,400 yards from scrimmage and Gore in Ah, in 10 years. Um ah, well, kind of stood the most scrimmage yards. Frank's number two behind Jerry in the history. The franchise 9 13,056 Rod. It's really hungry all time in scrimmage yards 11,506 it's for so I don't look at stats with this because there's more to it. I just Roger Craig was that special of a player, but it's the way they ran their offense. Obviously in a change football, the 1st 1,000,000 guy, Yeah. Let me ask you this. How many Super Bowls that Roger Craig win three. You? Nobody did Frank when Frank got to the five yard line, So does your does your answer change if you touch him, either Crabtree scores or they throw a flag on Smith, or if they hand the ball to Frank. They hand the ball to Franco more touchdown to win capable What did I tell you? What great you've tied me up in a knot. It's almost a dead heat between these two guys. It really is. It's just it's Ah think we found our holders. Big pole. There it is. You have, by the way all log on to vote for Perry and Mac, A lady. All right, I'll do that. All right. A little bit on before I let you go on the matchup. Is there anything about the Jets that scares you, Craig? I mean, of course, it's an NFL team, of course, any given Sunday and they went six and two in their last date last year, but they traded Jamal Adams. It's a different team. No love, Ian Bell. Eddie. I know I do like Sam Darnold. I thinkI. I really liked him a lot coming out of the draft, his ability to roll that was left and still get a shoulder square. But he was off. I mean, their whole passing game was just off against Buffalo. And that's a That's a tough assignment to go there, even though they don't have fans. An orchard park. They just can't make Ares. You can't turn the ball over. You can't you know, make mistakes to get them back into the game. I do expect the 40 Niners to control this game. Greg Williams, Their defensive coordinator, is one of the best. He's better. He's been doing it for 30 years in the NFL. 18 is a coordinator, three as a head coach and Kyler. At the very top of their game, and you never know what he's going to Dio. He could blitz. You know, four guys from the second, the third level that you know all of his corners and safeties and all of his linemen dropped back. It's like, what is he doing? But their sound I You know, this is a game. I think the 40 Niners should win. But really, I'm not going to judge it on the scoreboard in all the 40 Niners need to get their passing game going. Ah yuk. I think we'll come back and play in this game. Kittle. Who knows where he's at, But they just need to get their timing down. And I think going toe to the Greenbrier in West Virginia in between games will help that remember last year, the first game was not good in Tampa, Jimmy through the pick six. The defense largely won that game. Then they went to Youngstown. And went to Cincinnati and just rolled them in the heart of it was just great, so enlightened know on field off season it all passing game is just off a little bit. So I just want to see step by step improvement with the with the pitch and catch all well said, And by the way, based on the text line, it is holders Big ball. People are people are taken up arms. Greg on the Craig, Go. We have any votes for Garrison Hearst? Yes, way. Dio Garrison Eso, Who should our four beam of Roger and Frank. Roger Franco's You're normally with a pole. You gotta forget. Yeah, well, I would show the jet over Mac Elena, because he was the franchise leader actually put them both on or shall we go? Somebody more actually top of my head, I'd say those four top of my head, but my hope for the whole amount of Wendell Tyler's been mentioned. Can Willard Yeah. Ken Willard's been mentioned Wendell Tyler. John David Crow has been mentioned. Wendell had a ring. He got his ring with the Niners guys. Some people are getting down and dirty on the text line, saying that may be the difference between In the two guys is the fumble against the New York chance. Oh, you're killing me now. You know you're killing me. No need for there's no need for that kind of talk. There was three in a row. I know is that we're going Your Craig Mack Eleni Perry vote away. Those four of those of four I mean, really, listen, you don't want Wilber Jackson. Let Kelvin Williams I love those Charlie Garner. We like Charlie eternally. Karner Hearst. By the way, you're speaking a Hurst. His run was against the Jets. It was 1998 99 98 never mooch running down the sideline. Hey, Fiori running gas murder 70 for getting downfield Ricky Waters. Ricky was great, but he was here for such a short time. You know who for whom? You wish. Who do we put on the pole? Besides Roger, Incorrect, Because you guys from the fifties? It's going to be a hero. Gino deal vote. You know, we're right about Sara Hearst. Do Garrison Hearst doesn't get doesn't get enough. Maybe we should just go one on one Frank or against Roger Craig. You gotta put your the jet Perry in there. He was an MVP of the league, right? So he was a franchise leader in rushing. So, all right. So great. We vote, Murph. Did you vote on this or you? Come on, Craig. I'm going getting Frankel. I gotta untie myself, not and I'm going to go with what I was. It's going to be frank or because because as the old the reason that the 0.1% Is that Craig had so many other weapons around him in Gore did not butt like you were saying, Greg. I will just to just to shake it up a little bit mean there's no wrong answer here. They're both hearts alliance. But I will take Roger Craig. And just for the receiving ability combined with the hard rushing. I already regret my vote, right? Yeah. You know, he was so multi dimensional. The moment I go to Craig, I'm going to regret that I didn't vote for cold, You know, so In other words, break You found yourself a radio hot, but yes, your throw. You are my friend. If you vote for Roger Craig, the hum, baby. You got a hell of a good baseball now over the greatest managers and giants history. People gotta respect Director Craig question. Alright, Stop her down, You know, Get your dauber down. That's what That's what Jimmy G saying this weekend. All right, Greg, take care, man. I'll take care of guys. That was fun. Get stuff with Papa Sal. But pelvic debate, isn't it? Polly? It's agrees. No wrong answer. There's no wrong guys. I hate to interrupt, But I'm wondering if I could skew your Roger Craig..

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