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Fame our movie producer in the nineteen forties and that was his first film and it's whenever a cat jumps out of a closet or a friend pops up behind someone and it's not actually the real killer she's sorry and became known as the luton bus still to this day as that's but there weren't too many jump scares in early cinema there a handful one of the most famous a psycho soon as the startle or the jump scare hits we've got a whole host of chemicals that are activated and start coursing through the body my name's margie kerr i'ma sociologist and i study fear and how the brain and body respond in times of high stress and thrilling situation we do see the release of our endogenous endo cannabinoid so we've got our our own version of thc that is released along with the the endorphins and that's likely a adaptation evolutionary early because in these times of stress it probably meant that we also might be hurt so our body learned over time it was a good idea to prepare for any pain and not let interfere with our survival but when we know that there's not actually a ghost too that's going to jump through our screen and and get us the endorphins that dopamine oxytocin serotonin connection lend to feeling even a little bit euphoric in feeling excited and that's where you see the the screams turning to laughter it's just a a reframing of these physiological experiences but once you start making everything jump scare you someone's behind you or your friends just scares you i mean that's a cheap jump scare because it's not earned i'm so sorry i'm crazy after all if you just do it for no reason it's it gives you a shock and then joins kind of goes back to normal but the most effective ones the ones that we've seen the ones we always think about are ones that that that were built up to people think of jump scares that one second of a crash but really it's about how you get to that crash in how you earned the crash it's almost like a little film in itself so start start with some kind of questions from character leading somewhere there's a long moment in the middle of where you're not sure what's going to happen and during that time of anticipation when we look at what.

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