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And I don't know how we started talking about something like kids and stuff, but somehow we got on the topic. And she's like, yeah, I've always wanted to adopt. I drew myself with all these different adopted kids, like when I was a little girl and stuff. So the reason I like to start with that is because it's cool to see how your heart for adoption. It can be just like in you like Sarah from the very beginning and she just always wanted to. But it can also be a growing thing, like me. I had zero grid for it. Like that was the first time I even saw it about potentially adopt. It was when we were having that dinner, you know? And it wasn't just like a one time thing. We're like, oh yeah, I could do that. And then you just go for it. That was ten, 12 years later. When we ended up actually adopting us, it was a process for me to kind of grow into it a little bit more, but the cool thing about adoption is you have to so aggressively go after your kids. They call it being paper pregnant. And it's really like that. But I was so on it. I like every single time I got to the next step because you kind of have to do one thing before you can do another thing. I would get that next step and I'd be on it that day moving on. You know, because I knew every day I delayed my kids were sitting in the orphanage. So we decided we wanted to adopt, we were going to adopt just an infant girl. It was the plan to start off like normal people too. But we were on this wait list in Ethiopia and we fell in love with Ethiopia. I love the people, the culture. And we're just like, man, we feel so connected to this people group..

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