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Let us were in those are patrick cross california governor jerry brown is block parole for charles manson follower bruce davis browse rejection issued late friday that is the fifth time the davis has been recommended per parole by state battle only to see it blocked by the governor odd february first the parole paddle recommended that the seventyfouryearold abe is people they used nevada republican senator dean heller says he opposes the gop bill scuttling much of the obama healthcare law complicating the effort by party leaders to guide the measure through the senate about one hundred people are feared buried by a landslide that unleashed huge rocks at a mass of earth that crashed to their homes and south wa western china early saturday officials say the us military chiefs will seek a sixmonth delay before allowing socalled transgender individuals to enlist in their services transgender service members have been able to serve openly the military since last year but not enlist this is srn news greta is a drill instructor on your feet and negotiate this obstacle death when it comes to training lean mean fighting machines she doesn't mess around i do not have devolved bud in free time greta is an amazing poet and she knows it the green grass it was i to me like an ancient firefly look at her throw those versus worth confidence but when it comes to getting a mortgage grows less confident uh a little help here fortunately for greta.

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