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Hello there and welcome to another episode of Run pod. I'm Jennifer could are thrilled as well today to be joined by two friends who are also both runners. I mean you knew them. From the tally the buffalo in US right a BOFFA BAFTA letters. And is it true? And in fact that you've won more. Batters than Syrian mccullum is true. Yeah we wouldn't have ever thought that can be runners. Yes there we go you see. They want for their show Dixon. Dome as well as you can see I if I was official I would introduce you play Richard mccord and Dominic would nice who they are. Let's keep a casual well. Yeah and you're right. You're runners Israeli or your previous guests had on over the you know you've had just amazing. Olympic style runners on now to condone doesn't quite flow. I know it's amazing. Everyone can run on Youtube. I am actually. I think you've from Lafontaine domes. I've always been a runner. Always been good short-distance because short legs legs speedy runs out is madness the hedgehog yeah pretty much yeah. Yeah and at forty two. I'm still able to do five K. Well probably faster now than I've ever done in my life. I was your last one. That was something ridiculous. Nineteen twenty is okay. I mean he's still not wear a once keys once again. I want to be able to get You know eighteen sawing just died age five. Cain half an hour. It's perfect good room so hang on you so you don't. You're not competitive here. Then you know we don't run together Dr. in China. We did do the first time we did the London. Marathon in two thousand and ten. We trained together. I it was really good fun. Yeah we go right the way along the tense. We'd have a meeting somebody. London Bridge Runaway. Back to where we were living in Q. Around there I. It was just really nice. Just catch bits to all data talk while running. This was originally going to be a podcast for weed. I and run our okay. Yeah I actually. That's hard impossible. So the whole podcast is just be me going to me yesterday. Heavy breathing. What did you do yesterday? Forty miles well shattered today. Does the problem when you have forty three years old. It's it's harder is now. You're training in miles on. Yeah I'm still doing K. Wrong on a starting. Cain of changed miles now. Because I'm getting near the mountains. I just WANNA be clear on how far I'm going so I've always done in kilometers only in the last year that I've changed my own and I don't know why I did in the first place I think I just. I think I was on a treadmill. That was by always thought well. Let's just see what happens. My brain's door expecter in kilometers. You me to enjoy the mass a goddess. I you know I do a lot of my training and I know I shouldn't get total by all the runners listening to this. I always try and on the treadmill I love training because I love seeing the numbers and I love to in the Matt's got us right for training for a marathon. Because you've got to out there on the tarmac is there's a there's a different feeling is the longest treadmill run you've done to our house Boring and a friend of mine just said look you like forrest gump stuck on a treadmill just going and going and going and everyone else had been done. That Iraq side left your new half hour on treadmills. Treadmills joy running on treadmills. It's once you start running eyesight. Judiciary is more fun. But I was reading the other week and I did I did Seventy mile run on a treadmill two hours hers just but you just come off. Constant just kept the peace. Okay Nice eleven kilometers and our round the hallway and but all that happens is when you go off because my legs had been doing the same motion for I couldn't even bend over my keys on the great and honestly it was to see me. Ben. Don't get the keys now. That the treadmill thing I used to sneer those that used to stick on TV whilst they were running Christian of we come to. I've now drama kids of you get to the gym and Start at about nine o'clock and I'm like the rain on then this morning. Actually by the time I finished my big runs. This morning's pretty much finished perfect. Timing cookery items. You know the agony on items Alison Hammond giving away loads of money and e pizzas early Giving away money and it it takes the perfect amount of running time. Yeah I'm totally with you know because I am working on the radio during the time that law the morning. She was a role in some of the time I get home. It's is moved onto afternoon viewing and that's not much fun to run T. Oh No you feel sad bargain. Well no no. I joined BBC running in the morning and that was like Crimewatch in consumer issues. It made me feel sad running so I'm over on TV now and it makes me happy. Yeah yeah Sunday afternoons. Usually movies on a good movie with that former Charlie watching a movie. Oh it's really good because you just get into the only thing that's annoying if that's coming show. Does it make you forget about the ruling in a way you kind of forget that you'll get always does help when I was on the treadmill the other day two and a half hours? I actually just listened to podcasts into Three podcast about the one. That was really sad and I find myself crying. Which was weird. I'm running and crying. Running and crying is an easy thing. Really quiet emotional doing this really proper crying ugly face as I was running. The anyone comes in there. They're going to be what he's doing run. But that's because my hip was gonNA explode talk right. Let's talk about your running then. Okay when did you first start running Late zero so not so like two thousand seven eight and look. What was it that made you start well just to get fit. I mean it always been like cycling and swimming and stuff but running something now. I'm never GONNA go there too boring and to work it might be name actually bought. We might have gone out for room together at some point really enjoyed it. One of those people that forces others to run with a forced him to do offers merit. I I do that I said come on. We'll have a laugh. It'd be great. We really need to do it did and it was. It was hard doing it together. The word we know because we were difference abilities and the first ten minutes. We're having a laugh enjoying it. Yeah I mean he just went off when Lorraine Kelly overtook us and said Hello Moe we gotta go so I went off the Monadnock it out. Oh yeah about three quarters of the way through and finally found the on it strapped up and ask you had Steve Rider overtaking us. And it's a man dressed as a mobile phone. An old man dresses my ball phone. Someone dresses a giraffe. We clear again for about ten minutes in the middle and then my legs when and then in the last six miles I was just hobbling. Basically Oscar come on. You've got to try and run a little bit because you could actually probably walk faster than you're running. At the moment it was really weird finished it. That's the main thing you did six and a half hours. What's wrong with that? Is that how long it takes plastics? You've done you've done lots of cycling from London to Paris. Big Charity Events and loaded. Uk. You've walked out on the water. Bob's you've done lots of being event. Nothing is London marathon. It's hard it's really put us. All series is mentally challenging. I was there doing it that you're running the London marathon that year. You were there and it was. It was actually quite a nice year in terms of weather. So people remember Gordon running the struggling that year with the weather really. Yeah too hot to move from Elkin remember do you remember now? You mentioned that lots of people who lent over the The barriers points of beer coal points of beer just looked amazing but he was getting very very if not a little bit too hot. I can remember all the gels under our feet sticky under the sun. It was it was. It was very hard. It was harder than I thought it was going to be. No especially that point you know when sets off and it was I. Yeah this is great. We're all in this together. And then suddenly I was in the Eastern. The crowds started to really thin out. No one really KS anymore. It's not the beginning not the end. And then you realize you're on your own. I think about ten miles. You hit you first wall because then you go all the minute still got sixty miles to go and ten miles is a long way. Well they say that you should look the marathon as the first half being up to twenty miles from the second half being beyond that also since you have last on the Meyerson. I don't know if you've ever been out to support the London marathon. No I would say the crowd support has more than doubled. I am no. I have no idea what will be like this year because obviously In the current claim it will happen is. Would you feel if you were to find out that? It's not GonNa because yesterday the government will have in the Cobra thing when they the meeting about whether they're going to be in delay stage. Whatever is which means cancelling sporting events and stuff so waited till about two or three o'clock in the afternoon live long run just to see if the sporting events cancelled and I think it would have been happy you well. I've done my right calf muscle in so I will genuinely be all right with it. Being delayed as fast as rebadging of I was on the treadmill is probably what caused it to be honest. Same cushion I said to him. Do Stretch after doing twenty k. Though what are you going to foam rule? You don't do nothing he's not. It's not look enough to yourself. I mean it. It's one of those things that we should all do quite often. Sometimes when you get back you just like I just want to sit alone. Do you think they're all side to an always stretch the main I should? I stretch for a minute or two and then I'm like Oh see I find. I could go on for about half an hour. Just still stretchy doing other things while I'm stretching you know but I find it really helps. You will see stretching. What do his trial make a cup of tea? Make semblage need to eat straight away. Can you stretch and Mika sandwiches searching ingredients on.

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