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This is the reading for takeoff. Podcast episode five fifteen. My name is george nali today. I'm going to talk about the evolution of navigation but first a quick word about our sponsor. The ham fist novel series. If you haven't read this book or listen to the audio book you're missing out. If you like aviation the half is novel. Series is based on my own experiences during my two tours in vietnam and ham fist over. The trail is the first book in that series. And you know you can get the audio version narrated by me totally free if you go to free. Hammerfest dot com. You sign up for an account with audible. If you don't like having an account with audible in the first month you just cancel and you still get to keep the book. So i'd like to encourage all of you to not only sign up for the book but tell all your friends about it also. Okay but right. Now fasten your.

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