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The television show that I also network that I also worked for I have a show their writer's block five eastern two Pacific. I'll be doing that show their next week as well, Danny canal and Raja bell will be doing Cannella bell from there. Chris Hassell came Durmishaj will be doing broadcast Brady Quinn's going to be out there. Jason lockenfora will Brinson Pete Prisco. We've got a ton of coverage over on CBS, sports, HQ and CBS sports radio. Please check it out. We're really excited about some of the things we have we have gone and the game that we will be all focused on as you know, is patriots against the Rams and one of the reasons is the Rams is because of that. Absolutely brutal brutal game. And so in a moment. Brutal game for the saints fans that kick off the weekly recap. Miss some of this show this week. Got you covered. It's time for the weekly. All right. Tough blow call. Here's saints fan. There's some heartache, and and I think most of us would have some sympathy but not falcons feats. In our own Adam clue, the former executive producer of this show. Who's to answer the phones with great joy like students. Now, the the program director ninety seven three the fan in San Diego are are wonderful. Elliot. Kluger one of our one of our favorite color. Remember regular callers is Greg in lake Charles Kluger and Greg on the opposite sides of that falcons. Saints divide include in remembering Greg was so very with all the heartache gracious Bill. What's going on manage Kluger? How are you? Oh, oh, say prepare yourself emotionally. Hello Kluger live in sunny, sandiego, buddy. It's like fifty five slightly breezy and went to the beach earlier today like really couldn't be much better. I had to give you an spike from bikes a call because I wanted to address Greg from lake Charles all all all of blue detonation. All right. All right. You. I mean, I think the the airwaves are yours. My friend. Thank you for the platform. I really just wanted to know. How does it feel? John. What they say about karma. You can only run up the score and go for it on fourth down in the fourth quarter with massive lead. And do the chopper dance and make twenty eight to three jokes for so long before it comes back to bite you break from lake Charles were here right now. And I could ask him one question. I'd ask which loss was more painful yesterday's rest blunder or losing to Minnesota last year on the on big hail, Mary when Marcus Williams tackled is own teammate. But don't worry blue detonation. You feel so much look forward to. I mean nation has at least one eighty two years left with drew Brees before they go back to another three decades of sub mediocre football. But, hey, at least once breeze retires. They'll have Anthony Davis. Right. I don't have a single out of sympathy for saints fans who rubbed their nose in twenty eight to three and had a marching band for twenty eight to three in the Superdome last year when we played there. They've been running up the score and people for years they've been getting passing Layton games, they deserve everything that came to him. You had a caller last segment you talked about how classy saints fans were Beckmann be further from the truth. They may have had one isolated experience. But thanks fans are the worst in the entire country. They make patriots fans classy. I am so happy that yesterday happened to the thanks. So just nothing, but kindness from Adam clue to two saints fans. And Greg Charles who is our resident fan. Later called in about the loss..

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