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Just get you wanna recap prep yourselves black panther might fail wiped out this back and we we also going to have a a got some emails about some things that are happening uh paul logan being one of my sadly will be lower palm boatload dannatt said i should just a load one rain in trouble again leave him out of his knee would yeah but you know a logan paul leader long but so he put an apology video somebody asked about that as all right up talk about a real quick 'cause i do have feelings been you might be present feel about that box office martin sure always in some emails and calls when trying to get gianetti hit a reasonable time even though times more fair compares very fast 'cause you you have so much fun and and time is not real in time that the great cosmic were says herself time is not real martin if she says it so it be so mode it be who's motive what are they but so bold be air i'm telling you all man i got a couple of things to let john labatt first by had a very eventful weekend half of what my man right boy i got something to tell you already a man y'all in yala now look like an intelligent group of people over there y'all y'all probably know the ins and outs in certain things that you do when don't do when you go to a fancy restaurant bar know you like cultured people who also cheapest fuck.

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