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Failing to come forward and that he's making a legal challenge, which echoes legal arguments, courts have thrown out in the past. The former president is expected to announce a 2024 run tonight. CBS News projects Democrat Katie Hobbs will defeat Republican Kerry Lake and become Arizona's next governor, more from CBS Christina rafini. Trump back Carrie Lake, the Republican, has been critical of the voting system in Arizona, accusing officials in Maricopa County of incompetence, but those accusations were not backed up by evidence. Indonesian president joko widodo today called on the G 20 leaders meeting in his country to work on ending the war apparently a reference to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Another World War. President Biden is at the G 20 summit, Russian president Vladimir Putin is not. Understatement today from treasury secretary Janet Yellen in an interview with CBS News chief White House correspondent Nancy cordes at the G 20 summit in Bali. In some ways, the crypto space has inadequate regulation. Last week, the FTX currency exchange shocked investors by declaring bankruptcy. Google has agreed to pay almost $392 million in a settlement with 40 states over allegations that the company tracked people through their devices even if their location tracking had been turned off. Connecticut attorney general William Tong. It is not an exaggeration to say that we live in a surveillance economy, understand that you're being tracked every minute of every day where you are. The U.S. Department of Transportation is finding 6 airlines, a total of more than $7 million for not promptly giving refunds to customers who had flights canceled or significantly changed. The airlines also have to give $622 million in refunds. Air travel expert Bill McGee. There were tens of thousands of flights that were scheduled and were put in reservation systems. And worst of all, the airlines collected money on, which is a form of deception, when they had reasonable doubt that they were going to be able to operate those flights. Frontier airlines is the only domestic carrier that's part of the settlement. The United Nations projects the world's population will hit 8 billion people today. Now future is up strongly NASDAQ futures up more than 1%. This is CBS News. This hour's newscast is presented by rocket mortgage. Need to know what it takes for a home loan to fit your budget and your family, rocket

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