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But I remember being we've talked about this is the oddest flashback, by the way Alf deal like the joke an show was that Alf kept trying to eat the cat. Well, I mean that was the bit that was the bit like everytime. They house cat would go through alpha tried to give her a lot of bit. So that was the that was like Allsteel though, trying to catch the cat. A lot of us are trying to catch the we while you. Remember when he called Reagan? Don't remember that don't that was a good episode was the president at the time. Crazy good show. Now, even though I just hope Chris like because he referenced Lila shows kind kinda bad. It wasn't good. It was a good bit. But why is it remembered that's weird thing because I think it was classic making us. Remember, no, it was weird. I mean think about all the different things they've done on network television sitcoms and whatnot. This is one of the only shows that ever had like a rubber puppet. It was the star of the show. There was the Muppets. Yeah. But those prime time this is a primetime NBC. Right before. And the Muppets were its own thing where they were all puppets with this was like just a normal family that had a rubber puppet alien that tried to eat the cat. Yeah. It was an alien alien A L F Ilian life on of Jeff Katz came up with this. I don't know. Maybe God bless eighty six to ninety not not yet winning awards. That's where you went. We just told you a great show. There was a rubber alien. Did it went any awards guys? I'm pretty sure friends when it wards, and I wasn't a great show either in like that show. The dodgers have announced their opening day starter ELS e and we knew it wasn't going to be Clayton Kershaw. We knew wasn't going to be Walker. Bueller? What we now know is that it's going to be done. Jin Ryu is going to be their opening day starter, and he's a really good. He he's one of those guys because Kershaw has a hall of Famer because Walker Buehler's the next big thing. And Julio is a guy that was the next big thing before Walker. Buehler was the next big thing. Rich Hill's been around the block a million times when he's right. He's a really really good. You almost forget that review has been awesome. Now, he doesn't he's not healthy ton. But when he pitches, I mean, his career he's forty and twenty eight with an era of three point two. That's legit. No is a perfect choice from a baseball perspective to start because you you wrote a not a guy who's probably going to win. He's a pitcher who was on fire to second half of last season. For sure. Personally, though, just some the narrative perspective storyteller in me just thought an opportunity for us to come in and announced I'm back, and I'm healthy. And I'm still part of the future. And just feels better to me, not the real isn't part of future. He signed a two year deal. I think he was one of those guys that sign one of those qualifying offer which almost never ever never had in by the way in retrospect, probably pretty smart. We've seen the glass Dallas kaikal if he would have liked to qualifying offer seriously, still free. I unless I missed it this weekend. I don't think I did. Yes. Dear. Mr. dodgers kick that tire. Kimbrell to he still. Well, I'm okay with him being free is. Kyko. I mean, pretty good pitcher damn good pitcher. I'm not sure what he's asking for..

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