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At the Eric well, well victory party, and please join us, we'll be there. I David type of the overwork Twitter, joke of the week where we celebrate a gag that was so obvious that all of media Twitter made it at exactly the same time asked listeners to police in their nominees to at the press box pod, or they will be gratefully received David. Here's a tweet from the publication the hill Broadway play about Hillary Clinton is closing early due to low ticket sales. This is the this is the the rather improbable Broadway play. Yeah. It was an overworked Twitter joke to right? They should've advertised in Wisconsin. Thanks to Matthew Zetland for that one that joke will never end. Do we I, I think that's going to take us best twenty twenty? Remember when Donald Trump misspelled prince of Wales? On Twitter, the other day. Wales like the oceanic mammal. Yeah, it was a terrible terrible terrible. But extremely widespread overworked Twitter joked to say, do you think at the real Donald Trump type that on porpoise? I again I do not. I'm not endorsing it, but it was out there, thanks to Augie Hayes rate, and David, we got tons of stuff from the Toronto Raptors victory celebration coup Leonard and pals won the NBA title last week and celebrated this week with a parade through the streets of Toronto Dave Bullhorn. Avid listener notes that it was an word Twitter. Joked to write board, man gets parade. Not not paid Ord, man gets parade. And by the way, that was used by the ringer account, and we believe in intellectual honesty, here at the press box. And we behold, we hold ourselves to account and over. We're Twitter jokes just like anyone else and not babble daddy's not getting away with anything here. Anyway. Thanks today for that one. And finally, this one came from the ringers own Donnie Kwok, one of the subplots, the NBA finals was that guard Jeremy Lin wanna ring with the raptors despite playing in only one game in the NBA finals and not taking a single shot. So played in one game at garbage time did not take a shot, but isn't Germany Lynn, is an NBA champion as Donnie notes. It was an overworked Twitter joke to write for all the years of Asians. Having to do all the work in a group project. No one should be giving Jeremy Lin craft for becoming an invasion. All right. David time for the notebook dumb. This week Donald Trump kicked off his reelection campaign in Orlando Florida, with some rhetoric like this want to make clear to the media. We have the cleanest and sharpest crystal clean. You've heard me say went crystal clean, air and water anywhere on earth. If we have about three or four empty seats, the fake news. We'll say headlines you didn't fill up the arena. Do you notice there when he was talking about the quality of the air, the for he said, we have the sharpest air, he started to say that? Go ahead to back off that adjutant. So we need to decide David, if this move was thirsty or brilliant or possibly both. Because as Donald Trump was reading to kick off his campaign in Orlando. The Orlando Sentinel, a paper near and dear to the heart of the ringers very own Kevin Clarke decided to file its presidential endorsement or non endorsement, the headline was our Orlando Sentinel, endorsement for president twenty twenty not Donald Trump. The paper wrote some raiders are wonder how we could possibly eliminate a candidate so far before an election. And before knowing the identity of his opponent, because there's no point to pretending we would ever recommend that readers vote for Trump after two and a half years, we've seen enough. So the opinions editor of the Orlando Sentinel..

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