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Fried Zucchini nuggets some girls junior nothing nothing nothing thrown in the garbage on the checks. Zucchini get sound like you never had the fried Zucchini and get some. Zucchini nuggets like in general like F- had fry had keen fries the. it's like mushy. What actually my favorite Burger side dish is off. You're going to get it unless you've talked about it but I don't think we don't think we're going to get it but let me guess it's it can be anything. Anything I guess what you're. GonNa. Say Him. There's so much pressure. Your favorite is this for side. It's from a restaurant. La is a side that comes with Burger. You're GONNA get it. Okay. Hold on. Let me guess. Is it. Is it beer battered? Is a Pretzel Bites. No. But I do like the idea of does eating more bread. Sandwich no actually at Bell Campo, Fast Burger. We're both milk. Milk, but they started their whole like Fast Food Burger outlets trained compete with shake shack shake shack La and they make one of the best fast food hamburgers. I've ever had these dried steak trimmings and they're only like five six dollar hamburgers. But these really quality product and one of their sides that they have they have. Potato fries but they just have like deep fried Brock Illini. They say, Broccoli and has it in the Fryer and then they just like pull it out and just dress in some sort of quick lemon vinaigrette and to me it's the perfect site because like I love rise, we've talked about the idea of cold catch up on hot fried juxtaposed against Burger and how that is one of the most sublime food experiences you can have. A Burger that has like pickles and produce in sauce and all this, and then the fries almost like this pallet cleanser afterwards but I think onion rings could maybe fall in that same. Plane and starchy. Plane, I would not use a plane to describe an onion ring what flavors you get. Onion and then he was already on the. Plane. As close to plane Onions literally aromatic for so aromatic sir, your have you ever had a potato ring. No but that'd be a great meeting of the mind great meeting of the minds the they have what them at. Disneyland and I another kid, it's this is anthony. And I think it's probably done in a factory where it's like piped into a circle. But the potato and they like pipe it new circle and they freeze it and they battered and fry it not Fried Potato Rings. I would much rather have potato readings with a little bit of. Laugh. So hard when. There's one person in the comments. Sling and no one else. Potato. got. Biscuits. French fries. And Fried Danger. Portrait, of, link. Look. Exactly. Like.

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