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It. That's what that's a tough pill to swallow. Not all of these things. Let's let's be fair T the politicians who have been in control for the last 20 years on both sides. Not all of these things have been entirely in their control. Obama had to do some things with quantitative easing T Get the economy coming back post the 08. Nonsense. Some of those things were a little bit overspending, but some of them were in necessity. Bush Bush number two did some of the same thing. So you know, inflation itself isn't a force of nature. Sometimes it's economic policy, sometimes just monetary byproduct, but we have to be careful. So that's a really great comment. What else? I've had the virus and I'm waiting the 90 days like my doctor suggested. Now the mask mandates are being lifted. Can I go someplace without my mask, even though I have the antibodies, but have not been vaccinated. Well, Chris, Alberta is not a doctor. There is no MD or D o after my name, and I certainly am not an expert in virology. So I'm has it in to give a response to that. But I tell you, what if I had had the virus and I may have I mean, let's be fair. It's been 16 months. I've had plenty of coughs and sniffles. I have seasonal allergies. How would I know if I've had it? I've never had anything else. But if I knew I had it And I had those anybody's in my system. I wouldn't be afraid to walk around that a mask. I mean, that doesn't mean you have to kiss the nearest person and it doesn't mean you have to, You know, start looking your fingers to get those stupid grocery bags open, but there should be a little bit of freedom out there. Good question. What else? You got? One more based on your conversation with Craig Monger. Preschool kids at daycare outside with masks on is child abuse in my opinion. Hmm. Well, child abuse, I think is is is a big couple of words in that genre. I think there's probably some elements of unfairness when it comes to these Children enjoying themselves. Which has been largely overlooked, and I'm saying this very, very carefully. I mean, there is far far worse things that happened to the Children not only in our country, but Children across the world, then being asked, were made to wear a mask, especially when they're fussing and they're pulling at it. And You know they're trying to pick their nose and trying to, you know, eat grapes, and they're trying to grab things. It's just it's just hard. But is it necessary? Has it ever really been necessary? We may find out you know, years from now, in retrospect, and really examining numbers that have been thoroughly audited and filtered for all the nonsense we see that Covert deaths that were really a heart attack were really a gunshot. The rates of infection that traveled upstream from child to parent or to a child to teacher where we might not know. For quite some time. But in terms of making these little tiny kids run around the playground with a mask on affecting their breathing, there's some merit to that argument. I don't like it either, and I think the sooner we can pull them all off and get on with it, the better Let's get over to Dana Clark. Checking on traffic. Have a fun guest coming up. Talk about the state of of the Gulf in Michigan. Golf..

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